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Please don't take offense to my reality!

As much as I wish I could become acquainted with each new visitor through email or even face-to-face meetings, learned the hard way - I can't. Thus, I no longer respond to direct email queries. Takes too much time.

I'm not trying to be aloof or unfriendly. If you've met me personally - you know - I'm one of the most outgoing and friendly trans-women on the planet. This is simply the reality of my post-transition existence.

If you're writing to tell enjoyed my web page, have a general question, or would like to offer a suggestion on how I could make this site better, I would prefer you record your comment in my
guest book. It stays better organized than my gender email (where I often misplace things) & I try to respond  to polite entries in reasonable time.  

If you're a t-girl seeking friendship...there's tons of wonderful trans-women on the web plus a host of gender-related "gatherings" such as
SCC where you can develop new friends. You'll need these girlfriends for your evolution. Unfortunately, I don't have any extra time to develop new on-line associations. Please don't take offense to my reality.

If you're a "t-girl admirer"...and you're writing to ask me on a date? Unfortunately, I’m in a committed relationship with a lovely woman: sorry!

For all other inquiries...

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