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Community Links

Following are a listing of some of my favorite community related website:

Diversity Builder

I LOVE Diversity Builder! Personally used their services: amazing group!

Diversity builder is an LGBT owned and operated platform offering turn-key services for integration of diversity training into a workplaces for the federal government, private sector, and non-profits spaces. Diversity Builder offers instructor-led training, online, and individual coaching in addition to inclusion consulting. Diversity Builder’s unique approach to instructor-led training has helped our clients successfully develop a lasting culture of inclusion along with reducing the risk of lawsuits and complying with federal, state, and local harassment prevention laws.

Diversity Builder, Inc. is a diverse supplier. The company is women-owned, LGBTQI-owned, and is an SBA small business. Diversity Builder has contracted and trained a number of government agencies including the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Diversity Builder trainers have held workshops for several police departments including the Akron and Birmingham Police Departments. Diversity Builder has significant training working in the following industries: banking,  law enforcement, food & beverage, automotive, technology, health care, and hospitality.

Sexual Health Atlanta

Steven L. Morganstern, MD

Michael C. Scott, MD
Northside OBGYN of North Atlanta

Dr. Morganstern is Atlanta’s preeminent leader with sexual health - he navigated me through all the challenges associated with pleasure & performance as a TS woman. Simply the best!
Transgender Community Organizations & Links
Tri-Ess is an excellent support group for heterosexual transgenders.
The Atlanta chapter is the nation's largest. Imagine that? 

SCC Atlanta: Southern Comfort Conference

SCC? SCC! Southern Comfort Conference is held each year in Atlanta, GA and continues to be the largest annual get-together of t-girls from across the globe. From those getting out for their very first time - to gals who've lived as women for years - this 'fab event makes everyone feel right at home.
It's Southern hospitality - at its best!
Georgia T-Girls
I was never one to join various organizations and groups designed to support the TV/TS community. 

Why not? 

I rarely agree with their chosen agendas - or perhaps most succinctly - I don't concur with the politics of how agendas - get carried out. Usually, these organizations begin with a healthy purpose and leadership. However, those people with nothing better to do than complain usually represent the long term membership. That's depressing - to me. 

Georgia T_girls is a local group of transgender women and Admirer’s with a clear-cut positive aim: get out and stay connected. In fact? If you don’t attend a function within a year and don’t keep a real on-line profile with a photo? You get booted.

They’re Atlanta’s best source for new trans-girls to develop connectivity.

logoshort.gif IFGE - International Foundation for Gender Education - A great resource web site & host to one of the largest annual trans-gatherings in America each year in Philadelphia.

Professional Makeovers

Most gals get their first real taste of being female with the help of a professional. These skilled make up artists often change lives. Here's a detailed listing of individuals & services separated by USA state or region:
Jamie - is Jamie - & there's only one. You want the Glam makeover? Visit the Queen. Aside from being highly skilled, he's also a very nice person. Hope to someday get my Jamies makeover... 
Jamie Austin
Vermont Area
Clare runs the classiest and most comprehensive place for makeover and real life femme adventure for a night - or week. Check out her site - many people visit from across the country for her wonderful skill and the experience of a lifetime. You'll see why...
Transition Resource Sites

Thinking "transition"? Looking for a certain "tip" to make your look - a bit better? Looking for female hormones? Here - you'll find the best sites to help you achieve everything to improve your look - and life.

Andrea James / TS Roadmap - Nobody does more to help gals with transition than Andrea. Her site is a working bible for gals trying to navigate transition. The bottom line? If you've got a transition question? Her site has the answer: period. 
Annie Richards / Second Type Almost equally impressive is Annie Richards site aka Second Type - a very detailed guide for transition details f you're planning to transition or searching for questions regarding hormone regimens, etc - there's not a better place to begin your journey than Anne's site: period!
Anne Lawrence - If you're planning to transition or searching for questions regarding hormone regimens, etc - there's not a better place to begin your journey than Dr. Anne Lawrence’s site.
Lynn Conway - Lynn was my personal inspiration to intermingle my life before transition into my new existence. Her site's the most helpful & informative personal page of any transsexual on the planet.

  speak_34jGrae Phillips - This highly comprehensive tips-site includes detailed mpeg files clearly illustrating how to accomplish many important transformation tasks. Also includes an opportunity to buy her CD's Great site - by a great Queen!
celets and fair prices. My favorite!
Specialty Make Up Sites
Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics - Wanna' cover that beard? Dermablend is retailed at your neighborhood Penny's department store. Thus, if you're in a hurry, this is an easy option for specialty beard-cover.
Joe Blasco - Pound for pound, inch for inch - Joe Blasco foundations offer the best coverage on the market.  
MAC Cosmetics  - MAC offers the most compelling, powerful, and broad selection of eye shadows & blushes on the market. Their paints are almost "pure" pigment. Thus, when you shade your eyes with this stuff? It colors in seconds and shades like magic. My favorite!