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what is all about... 

Why would a busy, one-handed typist that values free time like gold develop this web site?

Simple: I have a dream...

I Dream of Sisterhood

I dream of a time when all people with any form of gender-identity disorder: from first-time cross dressers to post-operative transsexuals come to embrace the common ground they share versus harping over differences. 

I liken our kinship to the sprawling pin oak tree situated on my front lawn. It's myriad of branches reach out in all directions Each limb comes in a variety of shapes: some are long, others short, a few are even broken.  

One attribute about my oak remains true: when you reach the very end of each branch? The shape of every leaf
is the same. This remains true of every pin oak in the world: from Atlanta, GA to Munich, Germany. Why do these trees always end up looking identical at-the-end? It's because regardless of which branch you follow: they're fundamentally the same.  

Transgenderism is quite similar to these oak trees: all different yet fundamentally the same. 

I dream that one day we'll focus our energy on embracing this common ground.

I Dream of America

It may sound silly, but I truly love the United States of America. I have faith in the ideals penned on July 4, 1776. Those oppressed gentlemen understood the importance of individual freedoms.  Besides, how could I not go along with a bunch of guys wearing wigs?. They looked a lot like I do. *Grin*
Thomas Jefferson

We live in a country where each person's afforded the right to pursue their own happiness. I relish this opportunity. Why? Because I'm different. Our forefathers were also uncommon and likewise persecuted by the religious majority.
I dream of an America where no person feels threatened or ashamed of being themselves. Our forefathers understood this principle and made it the law of our great land. I think I'm in pretty good company on this issue.

I Dream of You

I dream of you and that you'll achieve all your inner hopes and dreams. I believe you'll find all the love life has to offer if you simply look inside yourself. 
Accepting the Dream

As human beings, we inherently search for a purpose to life & living. This elusive secret remains a focal point of countless books & research. I believe we already have the answer. It's the recognition that there's really no secret...only the gift of life. Thus, the secret to life, love and living.

I dream you'll live your life as your heart sees fit and not conform your soul to the beat of another's drummer.

Accepting the Dream

Transgenderism - is a pretty big word. It's described in a variety of psychological and medical journals chocked full of extra-long adjectives & weighted by Latin prefixes and suffixes. We'll learn a great deal more in the decades ahead. However, we already have a cure for its symptoms - acceptance. 

Our country was founded upon the right of each person to be themselves and pursue happiness as they see fit. Each of us empowered with gender dysphasia can choose to love and embrace ourselves...just the way we are. As a collective group we must choose to accept one another and appreciate the common ground we share.

I dedicate this web site - and my the acceptance of this dream.