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Male to Female Transformation Experts

Don't Repeat My Mistakes

Anyone who knows
anything about crossdressing, DRAG, and/or transition learns one thing quickly:

It's not easy changing from male to female.

It's a unique skill set, unlike any other. For those of us who weren't blessed to have been born naturally feminine (yes, go ahead and hate those bitches, we
all do), its essential that your skills in transformation become first-rate as early as possible.

Many of us are shy asking for professional help, thus we scour published tips on make up and hair for women. Here's the big problem with that approach. Our biggest challenge with transformation isn't
looking like a pretty girl, it's CHANGING from male to female.

I wasted a ton of time and bought bunches of worthless cosmetics early on from listening to born-women giving me advice about how to look my best. Transformation is a unique skill set. The nuances between a man and a woman are far more detailed than tits, ass and hair. There's a good reason most of us can glance at a person and determine if they're male or female with 99.9% accuracy with only a passing gaze. There's hundreds of additional details we are not consciously aware of that process gender ID.

It wasn't until I learned from experts in male to female transformation that I got to where I could leave my house as a crossdresser and almost always seamlessly
pass as a woman. Enhanced skill with transformation not only makes you look prettier in photos but it also opens a world of better possibilities for new friends and a social life vs. an isolating web existence.

Then there's the "glam" desires so many of us have. You know: looking freaking fabulous? To say that look is a unique skill set is to miss the point.

I've known Debbie for over twenty years. She knows as much or more about transformation and styles that work on men than anyone I've ever known. Add to that, Deb married a female professional make up artist? That - is a match likely made in transgender transformation heaven!

Everyone knows I don't allow ads on my website. Every other week I get an email asking me to blog or plug a product. I know "influencing" is a hot new career path for many but I'm happy with my day job: thank you very much. If I recommend a product or service, it's because I love it or know it's tops.

After Jamie Austin passed away in Boston, I never had a go-to recommendation for comprehensive transformation services and teaching. Now I do!

Trust me on this one: they're tops in the USA!

TRANS QUEEN STUDIOS – Male to female CD  / TG dressing services

Web site -
Located in Land O Lakes, Florida,  USA – metro Tampa Florida area
E mail –  / Telephone 813 / 928 8508

Deborah was associated with a large nightclub in Tampa with fabulous drag shows and was also the Head Judge of the famous Miss Florida FI Pageant for many years. Very well known around Florida she was known as the Queen of Tampa Bay
She now is married to Sierra who is a licensed cosmetologist - an artist with experience with many of the major cosmetic companies around the world. She also has worked in the female fashion industry in USA and Europe.

So, working together with their combined knowledge and experience they have made a business called Trans Trans Queen Studios & Sierra Boutique based in Tampa, Florida USA.

Their transformation business is focused on the male to female transition process, and I am amazed at their knowledge, and wealth of experience offered to our trans community. They have the largest female fashion wardrobe I have ever seen, a beautiful cosmetic salon, and several professional photo studios.

So first – the cosmetic salon. Sierra has designed it with large lighted mirrors, has every kind of make up needed for the makeovers, can reduce age and any wrinkles with Plexaderm, uses products like Dermablend foundation better suited for male skin, and can create almost any kind of look anyone would prefer. Most of her products are all natural ingredients – but she also can create erotic looks like Mac cosmetics style. As she does the makeup she is also explaining how and what she is doing so the guest is learning each step and will be able to do this at home alone.

Next, a wig selection from about 125 different styles – all colors, lengths – the guest can try on and see for herself a wide variety of looks so together they can decide the best look possible.

Now she moves on to the Sierra Boutique – almost like a fashion store where there is every kind of female fashion available. Guests get to select dresses from casual to some of the most elegant evening gowns I have ever seen. There are leggings, skirts, tops, shapers, lingerie, costumes, and include even wedding dresses. Many are displayed on mannequins. Guests get to select as many fashions as time allows – before moving along to the dressing room.

They have just been appointed an affiliate of Roanyer - makers of the highest quality female silicone skin body products. Samples of breast forms and full female bodysuits are available for guests to try on. They are so realistic even I was amazed at their female appearance – so if you can’t afford a sex change – these are the next best thing. Or if you just need a female body and know how a real female looks and feels, or to model and pose in lingerie these are incredible.  

They look and feel like a second skin. How our trans world is changing!!

Next comes the photo sessions – after a quick make up check. They have several studios interior and exterior for you to choose from. The main studio is like a stage with strip lighting – decorated in purple and black. Also, a boudoir setting in pink and white – perfect for lingerie shots. Outside are several settings alongside their large pool and patio – backed up with a fire glow unit – and studio seats.

They use the latest digital cameras combined with professional lighting to ensure you get the very best photos and videos possible.

Guests leave with a PC memory disc filled with hundreds of photos – with no extra charges for editing etc. Then back to the dressing room, into another outfit and so on – as time allows.

Trans – Queen studios will even take you on escorted trips to shopping malls – and out of town guests can view on their web site local restaurants and nightclubs where Debbie guarantees you will be welcomed as a trans female. I have been to Ybor City, and it is a great place filled with gay & trans friendly places for guests to enjoy. Couples are also welcome – and Sierra can make a high glamour session also for real females who may wish a day they will never forget, with photo memories to last a lifetime.

If you are interested in how to become the “WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS “– this is in my opinion the best place in all USA to learn all the basics of cosmetics and female fashions. come to share this experience together – and Sierra also will work her magic on real females

All pricing is shown on their incredible web site – and can even book an appointment online.
Debbie and Sierra will welcome you with open arms, ensure your privacy, and never judge anyone’s lifestyle choices.