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Birds & Bees 06-03-09
That Little Black Dress
I remain committed to my healthier diet & exercise regimen and the results are starting to pay off. Thus, I finally got up the nerve to try-on one of my favorite items: a vintage form-fitting little black dress from Gianni Versace that's been laughing at me every time I even glanced its way in my closet these past couple of years. This dress was Gianni's answer to Thierry Mugler's creation for Demi Moore from the "Indecent Proposal" flick. Remember the dress?
The good news is that this little number totally works if you've "got it going on". However, if you're sporting any extra weight or even slightly out of tone? It's one of those "Ugh, why the f*** did I ever buy this damn dress" sort of items. Know the sort of garment I'm talking about?
I finally fought back my fears & slipped it on...success!
Kristin's going to shoot some photos for me in this little vixen as a celebration of my hard work & 48th birthday. I'm "picturing" a tanned body, the hair pulled up high & tight, and a pair of dark sunglasses against some chic urban backdrop - sort of a Bridgette Neilson meets downtown Decatur spin.
If they come out good...I'll add 'em to next month's photo gallery update.
If not?
I'll burn them...using that damned dress as kindling. *Laugh*
My Newest Family Members
Birds1 Birds2  Birds3
Having lost my fair share of loved ones over the years, I developed a worthwhile skill of embracing new members into the special bonds known as my "family". My newest addition is a small family of birds that just built their new home under the deck. The busy-body you see pictured here is named "Maria" - and loves to chirp very loudly just outside my window at no later than 6:00AM. Being an early riser, this hasn't been a problem but I warned her that I would remove the free feeder if she decided to start her day any earlier.
Both sets of red birds are at home & keeping my sights festive each day. One of the local squirrels blabbed about all the free nuts I'm providing. Thus, the AM charades around the parking lot is like Grand Central. My gay male cat (Ringo) totally amused and quite the window-peering big game hunter.
Finally encountered a new family of chipmunks. Much more shy. Get this...they don't like almonds: who knew? Thus, I've got to pick up some mixed nuts to find what appeals to their palette.
Quite a crew...  
Art Collecting Update
I haven't mentioned my art collecting in awhile. This is primarily due to the fact that the core collection is essentially complete & my efforts are now dedicated almost exclusively to the curatorial side of the collection: writing & preparing to publish the new web site, continuing research & provenance, framing & cleaning projects, etc. I added a few minor filler pieces to enhance lessons - but nothing worth noting.
I am now focused upon the development of my "own" art as a continuum of the collector experience. I'm having a blast in this regard. I'm unwilling to share details just yet. However, I can tell you these pieces are based around gender expression & a few quite powerful.
This remains a life-long project that I hope never "ends"...
Beauty over Lattes: Hillary
I first met Hillary in the latter part of 2008 through Susan Bird, the owner of "Paris" club in Decatur. She relocated to Atlanta from North Carolina to better focus upon her transition. Our insane schedules limit our ability to visit often but we finally found time for a "night on the town" in late April.
It's difficult for the layperson to imagine all the challenges associated with changing a gender. There are literally hundreds of physical & fashion-related nuances that cause almost any person to only glance at another human being & accurately assess if they are a "man or woman".
Hillary is right at the cusp of developing her new life erstwhile. As with most of us during this phase of transition, she sometimes gets depressed when she gets "read"...and treated accordingly.  Thus, for just one night - she gave me free reign over her clothes, hair & make up - to see if we could find a new direction that would reduce some tranz-issues. If I found something good...and she faced no such "issues" when we went out afterwards? She would owe me a Latte.
Guess what happened?
We completed our micro-makeover & headed to meet a friend at Après Diem for a bite. The problem was that Hillary looked
so good, she confused the stares during dinner with being read versus: one very pretty lady. Since we were running late getting out of the house, I wasn't able to shoot her photos until we returned. Upon subsequently bearing witness to her own images after dinner, I think she came to understand she was reaching a new level.
Doesn't she look great?
And Hillary?
You owe me a f***ing latte, GF!
Saying what I Feel
I recently observed a rather fascinating aspect of my persona: I got to a point where I rarely shared what I felt. Rather, I articulated what I thought. In other words, I came to trust my mind over my heart. Let's face it: her track record is a tad bit better than that other organ. I realized that over the course of my long journey, I had forgotten the difference between these two important but distinctive means of expression. Feelings are raw. Thoughts are more organized & filtered.
I didn't arrive at this insight on my own: it was a gift from a new friend that somehow made me  feel comfortable saying what I felt.
That is really cool...
Thanks! :)
Kristin's 41st Birthday
Kristin 41 B-Day
My dear friend Kristin turned 41 on May 4th. Since her actual birthday was on a Monday, we limited the celebration to lunch at Ted's Montana Grill. On Friday, we played hooky & went to a matinee of the new Star Trek flick - which was nothing short of awesome. They definitely reinvented that franchise. Upon completion, we noticed that we were the only women in attendance - felt like were just watched a porno, or something. *Laugh*
Later, we changed clothes and grabbed some dinner & went dancing as our old friend from Dallas - Lisa Davis joined us.
Kristin wears "red" better than any other woman I know: she could adorn a red napkin and it would look flawless against her ivory skin. I'm so very proud of her continuing success with her growing company. Her friendship remains an important part of my life.
Tara's Pain
Finally, some of you might recall the health challenges endured earlier this year by my roommate's daughter: "Tara". This just hasn't been her year. On Saturday May 2nd - her long-term boyfriend (Chris Letts) passed away after suffering from a massive heart attack.
Our thoughts & prayers remain with Tara during this trying time.
Until next month...
My best to one & all...
Keep the faith!