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America's Foremost Transgender Woman

Well: I finally did it.

Just uploaded the first major update at this website in over a decade.

Of course, all I’m obsessing over at the moment is the unfinished sections I was forced to leave out, including: my photos with friends gallery, and new sections on creating fake breasts plus tips for creating killer cleavage, along with wig and hair sections for both cross dressers and transsexual women + a whole bunch of other stuff. I’m also creating a detailed section on fun stuff to do in my hometown of Atlanta. Alas, I’ll complete those sections over the next several months. For now? I need a breather from writing about gender stuff.

What I did complete is a
new section on transition (less a few unfinished sections) plus a much larger and comprehensive guide on trans-love and dating and an updated summary of my own life and journey. Uniquely to this version on the love and dating? I interviewed lots of people versus just relying upon my usual arrogant attitude: I think that made it better.

I’m taking a two-week sabbatical to catch up on a few loose projects plus enjoy a weekend getaway to south Florida. Upon my return? I’m tearing into the launch of my magic act for two months straight. My new methodology for major projects? One project at a time with complete obsessive focus accompanied by a reasonable but firm deadline for a key milestone.

So much to share since I last blogged. Alas, my life is rarely boring. However, think I’ll wait to share such updates. For now? I’m a little tired of “writing” - hope you understand.

My best to one and all…