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America's Foremost Transgender Woman

Three years since my last blog post?

Yeah, I agree: that’s tragic.

Practicing What I Preach

The main reason behind my long silence?

Been busy “practicing what I preach”. Namely, if you’re going to successfully transition? You have to quit living a trans-life - and focus upon living a fully female life. Wasn’t that the dream and goal from the early onset? Alas, earlier in my journey I kept was a toe in each pond: felt safer. Finally realized, couldn’t get to second base...if I kept one foot on first.
Renee Reyes Samantha 01

Transition - by definition: is a state of change - not a destination. Thus, when I found myself still living my much of my life as a transgender woman vs. a woman - who happens to be transgender...I realized I was missing out on the true spoils of my lifelong challenge and all the hard work associated with it.

Living in “Tranny Land” - as closest friends, social activity, identity - is but one way I never broke free of the female joy I wanted, deserved. It’s not a fun first step when you pull away: you’re starting at the bottom of a very large heap of women. You have to construct a new life as a female, not as a transgender woman. Big impressions and notable achievements are harder to come by once you swim outside the small lagoon - and find your way around the vast oceans beyond.

I didn’t like it at first. I might have wanted to break from my trans-label, but the world wasn’t up for providing that freedom. Thus, I just moved forward with my delusion: ignoring comments, not engaging trans-related talk, focusing on my life, work and new friendships.

The results on my three-year dedication?


Never been more joyous since I arrived on this planet.
Renee Reyes Samantha 02

What’s New?

So what’s new and exciting in my life?

Love and Marriage

Had to happen sooner or late, no? Met someone beyond special, living together for two years: got engaged in December, 2015.

Her name is “Samantha”. No, she’s not also transgender. Rather, an “out and proud” lesbian since she was a young teen. Planning to get married before the end of 2016 - depends on issues not completely within our control.

Happy. Having fun. Smiling often.

Tough combo to beat!

Business and Entrepreneurial Success

Having so much fun in my career! Knee deep in the development of a white-hot new entrepreneurial enterprise.

Was once hesitant to fully jump back into the big business fray. What I would face being trans? Could hold up to the 70-hour work weeks? Did I still have the knack and judgement? Nothing helps us find our bearings quickly quite like just jumping directly into the chilly, deep blue water and realizing “swim” is the only option. That’s pretty much exactly what I did.

Funny: all the potential issues and self-doubt vanish when daily venture progress and survival take precedent. New lesson: best way to quit over--thinking a problem? Get too damn busy to worry over it.

Recently received an outstanding offer to head an even larger new platform. Passed. This venture is special. However, it felt good having someone else remind me I’ve regained my entrepreneurial A-game.

Sadly, there’s nothing to be gained being transgender in big business. Thus, not sharing more in this regard. Someday? All that will change. Just not yet!

My Beautiful New Home

Given the incredibly arduous path associated with my gender transition, don’t think anything brought more personal joy than my new home. Love my art collection, relish the antiques - but having a safe and place I adore that I can call “home”? Nothing compares to that feeling.
Renee Reyes Home
Ended up with a few bonus spaces: a couple of extra rooms dedicated to my insanely oversized wardrobe, a space just for Cosplay outfits, accessories and new projects, a movie-theater space, and a wine cellar. The magic show is stored in the garage - along with a mound of other potential future projects. Love coming home each and every day!

Samantha and I have already began planning for our next move - all the things we want and need for ourselves, or family, our desires. Fun making plans and dreams anew!


My magic show became a casualty of all the other wonderful things going on in my life. Simply stated - developing my new love, establishing our loving home and building my new company - all took precedent.

Will one day bring this lifelong dream toile but most likely as a producer vs. performer. Getting old? It ain’t for sissies!

My best to one and all...

Keep the faith!