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Unsolved Murder of Robert Alton Puckett - “Rob Puckett”:

Please Help!!!


Rob Puckett: Unsolved Murder Hoover, AL

Since 2004, the murder of my best friend from childhood - Rob Puckett remains unsolved. This outcome remains a source of great pain to those of us that loved him dearly.

Someone knows whose responsible.

PLEASE: I beg you. His mother begs you. His family begs you - PLEASE
contact me with any helpful details in getting this case put to rest. You can remain anonymous - don’t care.

If you have info: please help!!

Rob Puckett Murder: One Kill, Three Deaths

The ultimate horror of Rob’s death was that it caused three people to die. His younger sister Beverly was beyond distract over his untimely passing and also nine months pregnant. Her stress induced a seizure which resulted in her death and that of her unborn child - exactly 33 days after Rob died.

Can you imagine - even for one second - the pain his mother endured burying two children and a grandchild in a period of less than sixty days? That’s horror: on steroids.

Worse still?

She can’t move on and heal - while Rob’s killer remains at large.

Please help us resolve this pain. If you know something? Please contact me. If you know someone who knows something? Please
contact me.

Thank you!!

My Tribute to Rob Puckett of Birmingham, AL

Lost my oldest & dearest friend in April, 2004 - Rob Puckett. 
Rob & I grew up only two houses apart in Owensboro, KY. Much of my childhood was defined by our interaction. From adolescence, we evolved to riding to school together every single day until graduating. Our parallel lives made us synonymous but our differences made us surpass. We pushed one another's boundaries - oft arguing for days over fortified positions of individuality. I'm a much better person because I shared my life with this unique individual - and I'm thankful. Didn't attend his memorial - knew my presence would be distracting. Let's face it - I'm a little different and Owensboro isn't exactly a model market for diversity. Chose to privately commemorate his life with recollections of our life together. 
A few favorite memories?
The first day we met, the torture & public hanging of those naked Barbie dolls, our non-existent yet highly exclusive childhood club & those ridiculous rites of passage endured by other kids to earn membership, the nightly survey of motherly menu's to determine the evening's best place to chow, the babysitter that taught us about sex with girls, the fight on Longfellow hill, lifting weights, the erotic Latin translation of Hannibal that nearly got us expelled, getting busted for smoking pot & subsequently being harassed for a decade by Rhonda Iracane, the ongoing saga of The Killer Christmas Trees, starting our first business together, fishing in St Petersburg, and of course...laughingly recalling all those "why I did certain things" from childhood after he learned of my why I was waaaayyyy too into my role as a powder puff cheerleader at age fourteen  - and finally, every single time...we reconciled after another meaningless disagreement.


Perhaps most challenging is the demise of shared memories. Sadly, much of the detailed recollections of my childhood were shared by few. With my immediate family having already passed, losing Rob was particularly sorrowful.

Rob was a dear friend: a one-of-a-kind persona. He was also loving & totally supportive of my gender transition. Alas, his death left me without a date to my next high school reunion. Figures he'd leave me stranded. *Laugh*

A wise person once enlightened me with this insight about the mourning of a death: "Our grieving is never over - until we discover meaning in our grief".

Alas, don't think I'll ever discover meaning in Rob's death - it was senseless. Rather, I'm thinking Rob's meaning was in his life - and the way he lived it. His murder remains an unsolved mystery. Someday...the truth will reveal itself.

I miss him now. I'll miss him forever. 

Seeya soon..."Packrat" Hugs,