Transition Guide for TS Females

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Does SRS Cure Transsexualism?

Does completing sexual reassignment surgery "cure" gender dysphasia? The answer is far more complicated than a simple "yes" or "no".

One aspect that's common in the argument
against SRS as a solution to gender dysphasia is failures - where people ended up getting GRS surgery and shared via subsequent study there were not happier or had sex-change regret.

While failed results in health care solutions are important to consider when seeking improved treatment paradigms - its even more essential to study those cases that succeeded: then compare cases and unearth missing events with an improved treatment paradigm.

Gender Transition Success

I pulled off one of the most successful gender transitions of anyone in the world. Additionally, I mentored ten other transsexual women through various final stages of transition with joyful post-transition outcomes in almost every case. I attribute a lot of my transition success to luck - the right people came into my life at the right time and I was born with God-given complex problem solving skills and a persistent attitude. If I lacked any of those resources? I probably would have failed.

How myself and others achieved post-transition success provides seeds for improved treatment paradigms - both on a micro and macro basis.

Here - I share what I consider to be the essential reasons why myself and others succeeded. Perhaps future studies will unearth a most suitable path to insure success for all transsexuals.

The "Bad Back" Analogy

One metaphor I often use when mentoring other trans women in regards to transition and GRS is the "bad back" analogy. Having a horrible condition with your spinal health transcends almost every aspect of your life: it's hard to sleep, its hard to get out of the house and live a joyful life, its hard to enjoy sex, it's hard to stay in good physical shape, its hard to feel your life is blessed - you get the idea, right?


If and when you get surgery to repair your horrid spine - you won't necessarily end up a joyous and happy human being since the prerequisites for the latter plateau aren't the same. The "bad back" often impossibly hinders your path to joyfulness - but it doesn't checkmate the final solution for joyfulness. Additionally, in this unique case? Achieving this "bad back" surgery solution - opens up a hornet's nest of societal prejudices that will complicate your path to long term joy.

The Irony of the Conservative Agenda

A lot of political conservatives are fighting to block any forward success with transgender expression through such means as "bathroom bills" and not funding GRS with public funds for military and government personnel.

In order to achieve success with a post gender change life - the most important building block is getting past the "trans" aspect of your new gender and developing a new meaningful existence. In a perfect world - you would "test" live in your new gender before making complete changes - and find out if it's really right for you. If it's not - or its too overwhelming? You go back to your birth gender. If all is good? You move forward

If you can't get issued a government ID or use a restroom with our concerns over arrest - how can you expect that to happen?

It's a Catch-22