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Sex Change and Illegal Immigration: An Ideal Analogy

While crafting his new content regarding the issue of SRS as a solution for transgender issues it occurred to me how similar are the plights of illegal immigrants and transgender people in the United States.

Likelihood of success if you don't have your green card
Able to find a healthy partner
Living in fear
Society puts in place barriers if you don't have your green card

The Analogies Between Transgenders and Immigrants

Judged as a Human Being Based Upon Your Birth

You "Chose" This Path

"Learn to Speak English, Motherf**ker"

One of the most challenging aspects of changing gender is successfully developing the skill of having a new voice that doesn't hint about your previous gender. It's really tough to develop - very few trans people become flawless at this new skill. Its the most common way we get "outed" as being transgender - when people hear us speak in any detail.

Abuse based Upon Your Outward Appearance

Is GRS the key to Transsexual Happiness?

Is GRS the ultimate solution to transsexual happiness?

Consider the illegal immigrant analogy:

Does eventually obtaining your green card assure you will enjoy a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment?

No - it does not. It eliminates many of the barriers associated with developing a joyful life in the country where you immigrated - but you'll still face constant prejudice because of your outward appearance and lineage - and true happiness is a function of many additional inputs.

Without a green card? It's almost impossible to completely enjoy your new in America. The same situation exists when you change genders.