Transition Guide for TS Females

America's Foremost Transgender Woman

Gender Transition Success

I pulled off one of the most successful gender transitions of anyone in the world. Additionally, I mentored about ten other transsexual women through various final stages of transition with joyful post-transition outcomes in almost every case. I attribute a lot of my transition success to luck - the right people came into my life at the right time
and I was born with God-given complex problem solving skills and a persistent attitude. If I lacked any of those resources? I probably would have failed given the present paradigms hindering a successful transition.

Here - I share what I consider to be the essential reasons why myself and others succeeded. Perhaps future studies will unearth a most suitable path to insure success for all transsexuals.

Success vs. Failure with Gender Transition

Just because one or more people "failed" at finding more joy through a gender transition - doesn't mean there's not a solution along that pathway. Rather, it illustrates its not easy, mistakes can be made and there's probably no quick and easy solution.

If you're going to look at the failures from gender transition? Its also important to consider the successes - and try to narrow in upon what made the difference between the two from side by side comparison.

The good news?

I've already done this during my own transition and through others I witnessed. Its not a perfect analysis but essential building blocks to success are included.

A Successful and Joyful Life: DEFINED

The reality is that living a joyful life requires the same inputs regardless of gender identity. When you consider these essential inputs to consistent happiness - its easy to see why many transgenders struggle with happiness during and following a change of gender.

The inputs include:

A Healthy Relationship with Your Born Family

Enjoying a lifetime of healthy love and communication with members of your born family is a powerful basis for long term happiness for any human being. Lots of people end up born to family units that are less than healthy and opt to disown their lineage in an effort to break from unhealthy paradigms. However, most of us agree life is easier to live happier and mote joyfully when such associations are healthy.


Being able to find a suitable life mate, get married and build a long term life with love from another person is long proven to improve ones happiness in life. Married people live longer than singles and achieve more financial stability. One can be joyful without a successful marriage - but it certainly improves your chances of achieving long term joy.

Close Friends

Countless studies cite the powerful impact of close associations when it comes to achieving long term happiness.

Old & New - childhood friends + new relationships.

Being a good friend takes a lot of time and years of shared experiences. Accepting and loving people for all their gifts, quirks, faults and blessings - and receiving that genuine acceptance in return,.

A Sense of Community

Being able to connect with and contribute to the society around you is a proven aspect of long term joyfulness.

Career you love +

Drama of legal identity
Able to be fired over who you are vs. lack of work performance

Healthy and Fulfilling Sex Life

Financial Stability

Financial stress is proven to hinder joyfulness for most human beings. success: able to pay for investments to change without monumental stress.

Chicago high school new program

Self Awareness and Self Love

Developing self love and self awareness in regards to your personal journey and the world around you is a powerful means to achieve long term happiness.

regarding Learning to define yourself from your own being vs. the events that shaped your life
Tough childhood - at some point - it's now
your life.

Strong Faith - faith is just a word, until there's valid reasons to doubt.

A Successful and Joyful Life: Unique Issues of Being Transgender plus my Personal Experiences

Using the previously defined building blocks of a joyful life - lets examine how being transgender often affects the inputs within present day society laws, norms, and opinions.

The Additional Unique Issues


Learning to live and act appropriately in your new gender

Female Friends

marry successfully requires

Being able to legally marry
Being able to legally adopt

Most Post-Op Transsexuals End Up Unhappy

An oft quoted study is a retrospective analysis

How many were gay

Let's look at what's lacking / the stressors often associated with a post-transition life.

The Challenge of Society Acceptance

Family disowns

Church trashes you

Bathroom Bills


The first question anyone asks when they meet a passable transsexual - have you had your surgery?

They look down between your legs

The Challenge of Self Acceptance

You'll always be transgender

The Challenge of Transgender Culture

You're not yet "complete" - during a time when you've been slammed with negative self image issues

DRAG queen "look at me" mentality. It's like the ghetto kids - you're safe in the hood - they can't bring you down if you trash talk them even dirtier. It's like Donald Trump - he's the master of verbally escalating a foe into a fight they're not comfortable finishing.