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Gender Therapist Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for a gender therapist in Atlanta, Georgia? You're in luck! Atlanta owns a strong transgender community and that equates to a good number of qualified therapists to support our needs.

Following is a listing of some of the best gender therapists in the Atlanta area - along with my personal recommendations in these regards.

Choosing the Right Gender Therapist

What's most important when choosing a gender therapist?

First and foremost - you should feel a natural and comfortable connection. Great therapy requires excellent chemistry - and a personal connection is essential to achieve that. Another important aspect is their willingness to write letters to support your need for hormone therapy of gender reassignment surgery if you think you might be heading down either of those paths. Most of us start therapy under the guise of moving forward - and such progress often includes HRT and GRS. However, you need to respect their professional decision if they won't provide such approval - if they're holding you back in this regard its because they see conflicts that would cause full transition to be problematic.

Atlanta's Best Transgender Therapists

Based upon my own experience and those of many people I know - these first three would be my highest recommendation.

Dr. Ren Massey
Will write letters for hormones/surgery.

1244 Clairmont Road Suite 101 Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 292-3400
Dr. Massey is an excellent gender therapist, never heard a bad review of him and he's also trans identified.

Cheryll Thompson, M.A., LAPC
Will write letters for hormones/surgery.
Takes sliding scale patients at two locations:
Heartwork Counseling Center 990 Edgewood Ave, NE Atlanta, GA 30307
Wellspring Counseling Center 700 Old Roswell Lakes Parkway Suite 250 Roswell, GA 30576
  • poly, kink, queer, and LGB friendly also

Atlanta Transgender Gender Therapist

Following is a listing of additional gender therapists for your consideration.

Katie Leikam, LCSW

Will write letters for hormones/surgery.

315 W Ponce De Leon Ave. Ste. 847
Decatur, GA 30030

Miss Leikam is a LCSW therapist in private practice in downtown Decatur and works exclusively with transgender and gender fluid people and the community. 

She successfully worked with clients throughout transitioning and also writes HRT and surgery letters, throughout a brief relationship as my client, as little as two sessions in most cases.

She's dedicated to providing quality personalized care for her clients. She's a member of WPATH and receives private consultation from a CA psychologist.

Therapy Specialties are Gender identity, LGBTQIA, and mental health concerns
Accepting Insurance

Dr. Faughn Adams, Psy.D.
Will write letters for hormones/surgery.
1244 Clairmont Road Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 354-6244
Private practice and Emory's Counseling Center; free for Emory Students Takes sliding-scale patients after-hours* Does not take insurance. Sliding Scale. Ze is genderqueer.
  • limited spaces for reduced fee clients
Will Mahan
Will write letters for hormones/surgery.
Equality Counseling Center 15 Lenox Pointe NE, Suite B Atlanta, GA phone: 404-229-617
Jack Boyan, LMFT
Will write letters for hormones/surgery.
Takes lots of insurers. He's often short on vacancies. Mention how you found him.
  • poly and kink friendly

Rev. Erin Swenson, PhD
Will write letters for hormones/surgery.

Brookwood Exchange Building Suite 505 1708 Peachtree Street NW Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 312-5677
Very well regarded in the community. Also runs a support group. Presbyterian minister with an expertise in spiritual issues. She is also trans identified.

Dr. Erika Pluhar
34 Lenox Pointe NE Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 869 -0040
Very well regarded in the community. Sliding scale available. Does not bill insurance but provides receipts for reimbursement.

Dr. Ana Adelstein, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
The Highland Psych Collaborative
675 Seminole Avenue Suite 307 Atlanta, GA 30307
(678) 701-9559 x 101
Member of World Professional Association for Transgender Health.
Affiliated with TransYouth and Family Allies and Positive Impact (Atlanta).
Celebrates working with individuals as young as 3.
Individual couples and family therapy, as well as educational guidance and advocacy for clients. Provides documentation necessary for social transition and medical treatments (including hormonal and surgical).
Not affiliated with any insurance plans, but happy to submit out-of-network claims on behalf of clients.
Kristine Medea, LPC, BCETS
Will write letters for hormones/surgery.
Home office in Inman Park. Contact for address.
ThrivingHeart Counseling & Consulting (404) 661-9867
Does not take insurance. Sliding scale fees available.

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