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Hips & Buttocks Augmentation: The Choices

There are a lot of options for you to consider if you’re looking at hips & buttocks augmentation, including the following:

#1. PMMA Hips & Buttocks Injections

PMMA  is short for polymethyl-methacrylate - it’s made up of PMMA microspheres and bovine collagen. It’s a much better alternative than injectable silicone since it’s biologically inert and doesn’t suffer from reabsorption. Its illegal to get PMMA injections in the US.

Like injected silicone, it can morph into less than desirable shapes and create nodules. It can also rot healthy tissue and subsequently cause loss of life and/or limbs. There are two key aspects to successful results:
1. Measured, repeated injections. If you try to do too much too fast? The list of potential
2. Knowing when to stop. Some of the worst nightmares of PMMA are with people who used it non-stop as human silly putt for any perceived imperfection or desire for improvement. When you go too far? You’ll fall over an ugly edge.

Hydrogel PMMA Brazillian Butt Lift Photo

PMMA feels like fatty tissue once injected - and once its collagen platform is dissolved within your body it proves the creation of new cologne to fulfill the boning and spaces.

#2. Hydrogel Booty Injections
Hydrogel butt injections are Hydrogel that’s used for buttocks enhancement is comprised 97.5% water and 2.5% polyacrylamide. The outcomes are temporary and it must be re-administered in order to maintain results.

In that sense? Its much like products such as Restylene and Juvaderm - however its not approved for use in the US like those two products.

It usually costs around $400 per injection and results last anywhere from 12-24 months.

#3. Silicone Pumping
Silicone is the most popular form of butt injections since it’s been around the longest. While solid silicone is legalized for cosmetic use by the US FDA, liquid silicone is strictly prohibited since it tends to migrate to other areas of the body.

Much like hydrogel injections, in order to get this treatment you have to do it illegally and often through so-called “pumping girls” who do not receive proper training. That’s very risky. The results are usually instantaneous and quality results vary from months to years.

#4. Butt Lift Fat Transfer
The first of only two FDA-approved cosmetic booty augmentations in the US is autologous fat transfer. Essentially they transfer fat from one area of your body to the other.

The biggest downside of this approach?

You have to have enough extra fat on your body to fill in what you need and want around the buttocks - its not a 1-1 ratio - you will lose a lot with the transference process. Additionally, most people reabsorb up to 50% of what’s been added.
#5. Butt Implants
Buttock-hip implants are another option. I looked hard at this one with a surgeon in Atlanta since I didn’t have near enough extra fat to consider a butt fat transfer.

They use a sim solid silicone implant that won’t rupture that’s placed under the butt muscle.

The results I saw in photos weren’t as naturally rounded as I wanted and given the fact I wa starting with so little form - I decided against it. I’ve see one girl who got this done with impressive results. Its definitely much safer than PMMA.

#6. Various Buttocks Injections
There’s a lot of other “quack” solutions you’ll encounter. I can’t begin to describe the myriad of nightmare that’s been discovered by law enforcement over the years - usually after someone show up dead from related pumping.

Please be smart and carefully explore all your options.