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Silicone Buttocks Injections - Keys to Pumping Success


The Need to Appear Feminine

There was a great deal of irony shrouded in the recent
bathroom bill in North Carolina. We’ve been using public bathrooms for years without issue or knowledge by the other female patrons. At least a dozen times following all the hoopla of the “bathroom debate” I was engaged in conversation with women in the ladies room over the issue - they had no idea I was trans then, or before.

What that bill did was create a law banning trans people who couldn’t freely pass in public - creating any further body shaming than before. This sort of negative paradigm is what prompts lots of lower-income transgender women to opt for injectable silicone.

As much as I know its incredibly dangerous, I’m sympathetic to trans girls that get the preponderance of their “feminine improvements” through pumping-silicone. It’s affordable and creates a basis for such gals to pass and live as women.

Without it?
Ass Injections

Many would still look very male. Alas, the less feminine we appear? The more we picked-on, chastised and endure what others perceive as our “choice” to act upon our transgenderism - an ugly paradox of trans life.

Still: you have to ask yourself: is it worth dying over? How sexy or feminine will you look with a
leg cut-off just below the knee?

Pumping Silicone Tips

I shared the warnings and dangers. However, if you’re still dead-set about getting “work” done through silicone injections - I want to provide you with a few key tips that will reduce the likelihood of you ending up a statistic or horror story.

Tip #1: Go to Latin America

If at all possible, go to an actual clinic in Brazil or Mexico with a locally licensed doctor to administer the silicone injections. These highly visible operators only use medical grade silicone - which drastically reduces your risk of infections and complications.

If you choose to go the most affordable option of Mexico? You’ll find their practitioners offer a convenient system where you stay at a hotel in San Diego - cross the border to get your procedure via a chartered transport - and return home to the USA to recover before your flight back home.

Tip #2: Don’t get too much done at once

Ninety percent of the problems I’ve witnessed with silicone injections were a byproduct of girls trying to get too many CC’s added at once.

If it’s going to prove successful with minimal complications? It has to be layered over many visits. I know you’re probably excited to hurry up and achieve that big booty. I know you need to save money and additional sessions will end up costing you more. Alas, excess silicone pumped into the body is much ore likely to break loose and flow freely to other parts of the body.

Most recently in Atlanta, my old friend
Lateasha Shuntel died following a massive silicone injection session.

Silicone Pumping Tips
Tip #3: Know when to stop

Probably the second biggest mistake behind “doing too much at once” - is knowing when to stop. This is essential for two obvious reasons:
1. It’s a game of Russian Roulette:
2. Too much looks like a freak vs. female:
What are the tell-tale signs you’re about to cross the line and get a potentially devastating dose of additional silicone injections?
1. You’re needing it to offset weight gains. If you’ve gained weight since your last pumping session and you want to add more silicone to keep a targeted proportionate balance? You’re about to cross over a dangerous line.
2. You’re thinking even bigger will be better and more feminine - this is the most common trap for trans women who do too much pumping. Too much, is too much - you’ll end up looking like a freak. The results are nearly impossible to reverse. Stop. Love yourself where you are...yiu’ve got this, GF!
3. Its drooping - time to tighten up - if the booty has drooped or dropped since your last session - its only natural to want to regain that more sexy roundness you saw before. Problem is? What you need to be doing is exercising like very over big booty female on the planet. More silicone will only make yo look like a silicone Barbie vs. a sexy lady. Get off that silicone behind and start walking!

Tip #4: Don’t get your face or breasts filled

I can’t begin to tell you the number of horror stories I’ve witnessed with girls getting their facial cheeks injected with silicone. At first? It often looks and fills amazing: your skin gets tightened like a face lift and/or your facial contour appears more feminine - but it rarely stays that way for long. Often, in a matter of months or a couple of years the silicone shifts or hardens - creating a monstrous appearance. Additionally, there’s a big risk of infection or rejection.

If that happens on your face?

Well, you can imagine.

Silicone injected breasts are a very tempting proposition.

Many years ago I dated a TS woman who had the most realistic, perky and implant-undetectable breasts I ever touched - they are created by directly injecting silicone into her chest. They were flawless - and since they was no “implant”? They were incredibly realistic.

Years later, I saw her again and she was having a terrible time of things. She showed me her once perfect breasts - they were now hardened & morphed. Her health was declining. Last year when I asked another friend how she was doing? I learned she died - but not before suffering to breath and in severe pain for over a year. Free silicone injected into your best area is begging for issues. If any breaks loose immediately? Your heart & lungs are immediately nearby. If it deteriorates over time as most all does? Gravity almost guarantees it will fall to exasperate a vital organ and destroy your health. At least with your buttocks the issue of migration is less threatening.

Whatever you do?

Please don’t get silicone injected breast enhancements.

Tip #5: Get references from DRAG Stars

Your best source for finding the most skilled silicone pumpers and the ones actually using medical grade silicone are the trans gals highly visible and successful the the DRAG parent circles.

If you don’t know any such DRAG performers, you’ll have to make friends with them. Since even the best silicone injections in the US are an illegal and behind closed doors affair - they will be reluctant to share such contacts without a strong sense of confidence in you.

Don’t go to the practitioners of club or street diva’s. Your chances of ever having a favorable outcome are about 1-100.

Tip#6: Aftercare is crucial

Buy and wear a tummy to mid thigh body stocking for a couple of days after your injections - this will help hold your intended shape in place.

Don’t “pick” at the injection scabs or remove whatever sealant was applied over any injection point - let it fall-off on its own.

Try sleeping on your tummy for a few nights after your injections.

Massage / work-out any lumps or bubbles. This might be a little painful but will reduce the likelihood these spots become noticeable nodules later.

Tip #7: Confirm the quality

There’s almost no way to confirm the quality of silicone being injected into your body - some pumpers will put their product into smaller, unlabeled bottles. You want medical grade 360 - but its purchase is regulated and hotel-pumpers often can’t get access to it. Did I mention before this is all very dangerous?

A key aspect to take note of?

The smell.

Medical grade silicone is nearly odorous - whereas industrial grade will have a more pronounced oil-derivative smell. Also, if you catch a whiff of baby oil? I strongly suggest you walk. Lots of low-rent operators use this to thin industrial silicone