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PMMA Hydrogel Injections Hips Widening

While lots of women want a more shapely booty - MTF transgender women face another key goal: how to widen the hips to appear more feminine when wearing a bathing suit or underwear.
This most of defining traits with the female form is also the one that takes longest to achieve - since it must be built in layers.

Transsexual Hips

Tips for Creating the Illusion of a Female Hip Line for Transgender Women
GRS / Orchiectomy

Without a doubt,
having Gender Reassignment Surgery or an Orchiectomy will help widen your hips & create a softer, fuller behind. Androgen blockers and an HRT regimen help soften and cause more subtle changes to fat redistribution but a surgical switch within your physiology will eventually cause much more dramatic results.

Unfortunately, it tends to take two-three years post surgery for these adjustments to even begin - and over ten years post operative for the impact to become measurably improved.

Weight Gain

Using Tan Lines to Create the Illusion of Higher Hip Bones

MTF GRS Orchie Impact on Buttocks
Even after adding increased girth to your hips it still comes up short of a female equivalent. We lack that inborn high and wide hip bone that’s required for childbirth.

There are a couple of tricks a few new trans girlfriends in Brazil taught me about overcoming the challenge of the female hip bone.
Transgender Wider Hips Creation
The first - buy & wear thong panties that are one to two sizes larger than you would normally wear. Then join a tanning salon wearing your high waist thong pulled up extra high
to create tan-lines that This creates an opportunity to pull the edges up higher on your hips to create the illusion of the bone of a hip line. This technique also applies to skimpy two piece bathing suit bottoms - if you’re still young enough to appropriately pull that look off on a public beach (sadly, I’m not).

High Tan Tines
Transssexual Tan Lines
Your other option is to tan with that same high waist panty or bikini bottom in place - creating tan lines that “draw” the natural female hip bone into place where it doesn’t really exist.