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PMMA Hydrogel Buttocks Augmentation Before After Photos

Hip & Ass injections / Augmentation Pictures

Wanting to achieve a larger, more well rounded feminine hips and buttocks?

Don’t we all?
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It’s now possible - but there are many challenges and risks.

I got extensive hip and buttocks augmentation through injection of both Hydrogel and PMMA. In that process, my hips went from a manly thirty-six inches to a feminine forty-four inches.

I started with Hydrogel - to get a handle on if I was going to be comfortable with injectable buttocks augmentation.
Booty Lift Before After Photos

It took multiple trips to Sao Paulo, Brazil and the sessions had to be spread out over ten years in order to safely achieve my results.

Not getting too much at once is crucial to achieving lasting, visually appealing & healthy outcomes. If you try to fill too much, too quickly - the filler is much more likely to migrate either into your bloodstream or down to your ankles. That’s not healthy and is very unsightly. Likewise, its more likely to get clumpy & nodulate - not what we’re after.
Before After Photos Hydrogel Injections
I’ve been blessed with no health complications and I’m very pleased with the work. My buttocks are soft - yet firm to the touch. I feel much more self-confident when naked, in a bathing suit or when wearing a form-fitting dress.

You will most certainly experience some discomfort and tenderness after each treatment. I noticed a couple of small half-inch clumps of nodulation that I could feel by the touch of my fingers within one cheek which I was able to get dissolved with cortisone shots. I also had a couple of distracting “indentions” during the development of my hips and ass - they were adjusted & balanced with subsequent filling.

Before and After Photo Images

Following is a variety of “before and after” photos clearly illustrating the outcomes I achieved - comparing some old photos of my buttocks and hips when I still lived as male - to the far more feminine booty I have today.

The difference is monumental (no pun intended).

PMMA Injections Before After Photos

Before After Hips Buttocks Surgery Photos

Before After Photo Booty Enlargement

Brazil Booty Lift Before After Photos