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Reasons For getting GRS - Gender Reassignment Surgery for Transsexual Women

Gender reassignment surgery is often the pinnacle accomplishment in a lifelong struggle to finalize nature’s mistake from being born transgender.

If you’ve always felt the male tissue between your thighs did not belong or that you will never be complete otherwise?

Then GRS might be a perfect match for you!

Common Reasons Why Transsexual Women Want to have GRS

There’s a lot of reasons why a transsexual woman wants GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery / Bottom Surgery). Transsexual women face a host of personal & societal pressures to complete this process.

These include:

  1. For some - GRS is about being complete…finally fixing mother nature’s mistake from birth. Lots of these gals hate witnessing their “appendage” when naked and having it removed is one of the most fulfilling experiences of their life.
  2. What’s there doesn’t work anyway - years of HRT & testosterone blockers often result in significantly decreased sexual desire and the inability to get or maintain an erection. Thus, for some girls its just no big deal to say goodbye to their born manhood since it no longer plays a role in function or pleasure.
  3. Most transgender women are naturally wired to being the bottom - sexually speaking. Lets face it: anal sex isn’t always a great option for penetration. For many? I get’s old. Thus, having a vagina is much more practical.
  4. We live in a binary society: there’s men, there’s women. Society has come to know and embrace transsexuality but asks that we please stick to one side of the binary equation and complete many societal-imposed standards for doing so. Thus, GRS solves a lot of potential issues versus when you’re pre-op or non-op. Legally-speaking - you’re not female until you’re done with GRS. This affects issues with career, health insurance, shared facilities like showers, shelters, spa’s, etc.
  5. It gets you past a lot of societal drama. The first question on almost everyone’s tongue after they find out you’re transsexual is if you’ve had the final surgery yet. If not? They tend to still view you with a male-edge. It’s not fair - but its real and it sucks!
  6. For some, GRS makes them finally feel like a real woman. Also, they can have sex with a partner and not have to tell them right off they’re a transsexual. For some gals? These are extra important issues.
  7. Trans World Hierarchy - Some gals are affected by a perceived hierarchy in the transsexual community that sometimes excludes non-ops & pre-ops as not yet a part of “the club”. Some transsexual gals get affected by this social pressure and desire to conform in their journey.
  8. Fat Storage and Muscle Atrophy - a couple of years post GRS, you’ll begin to see noticeable improvements in muscle mass reduction. Additionally, you’ll see slight changes in how and where your body stores fat. Sadly, neither of these are dramatic shits - but the do improve!

GRS Traps

There’s certain traps and fallacies associated with GRS. They include:

I have a vagina now thus the world will embrace me as a real woman.

If your primary motivation for completing GRS is getting others to embrace you “as a woman” - you’re in for a rude awakening. Yes, GRS eliminates some drama. However, if your world is still viewing you “as a man” I promise it's not because of what’s between your thighs.

I’ll no longer be considered a transgender woman. My paperwork & birth certificate will all say I’m female - therefore, I am.

This is the biggest fallacy and fantasy for trans-girls. If you’re still being constantly classified as transgender? I can promise you the reasons aren’t tied nearly as close to what’s between your legs as you might think.

You get defined as female by the world around you: primarily through other women. This occurs mostly from your actions and style.

I’m tired of still being considered a man because I still have a penis:

I’m sorry: why and how does anyone know about your configuration? When I hear this? I assume a TS woman is still hanging out mostly with other transsexuals.

Tranny Hierarchy

I’ve seen more than one girl push forward with this surgery because she built her social infrastructure primarily in transgender life and defined her trans-identity by what those others thought of her progress. She felt left-out and less feminine when others completed this surgery.

I once had a girlfriend tell me she was dying to get GRS. I asked why that was such a high priority at present. Her reply: she wanted to be able to take her clothes off at the YMCA. Are you serious? That - is not a good reason to get the final surgery. That’s the sort of worthless crap other post-operative transgender women spew to preoperative girls - as if its some sort of elite status. Yes, you’ll be able to strip down completely at the gym. Yes, you’ll be able to wear the skimpiest bathing suits without the skirted bottoms.

Goal Euphoria

There’s also the trap of what I call “goal euphoria” - where we gain lots of pleasure from accomplishing major goals on a list.

Sometimes, in this process?

We lose sight of the fact “happiness” is the real goal - not some additional surgical procedure. In this instance? Girls often mentor under another gal that’s completed GRS and been told she won’t be Complete or real until she’s completed this final step.

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