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Making Life Work as a Non-Op Transsexual Woman

Non-Op Transsexual

Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) is not for everyone. I’ve witnessed far too many transsexuals strive and attain this final step under the delusion it's going to make them a better woman: it won’t. However, I’ve witnessed just as many transsexuals retain non-op status for equally unhealthy reasons.

I’m non-op and I have no intention of ever changing that facet of my sexuality. I’ve made this configuration work out in my personal and professional life better than most and felt it might be helpful to share some of things I learned along my own path since there’s already lots of information on life after GRS.

These insights are based solely upon my own personal experiences. They may or may not apply to your journey. Heed accordingly. ((hugs))

Seriously Consider Getting an Orchiectomy

An orchiectomy is a necessary procedure in many states to qualify for getting your gender marker changed on your driver’s license and other personal records.

It will also allow you to reduce or eliminate HRT - and save potential damage to your liver. Additionally, you’ll start seeing the benefits of atrophy in time - more than you ever saw with testosterone blockers.

Also, the first question from every strangers mouth upon hearing you’re transsexual is often “have you had the final surgery”. My advice? Even if you’ve only completed an orchiectomy - respond: “Yes, I’ve completed all my surgeries: I’m legally female”. Notice, I never said I had a neo-vagina and I told the truth!

If you want to remain functional with your penis, it will necessary that you develop an ED regimen with a urologist. I now use a blend of testosterone shots, daily low-dose Ciallis plus Estradiol for both my gender and sexuality balance.

Rules to Success as a Non-Op Transsexual Female

Don’t Publicize the Fact You’re Non-Op

A lot of non-op’s are openly caught up in their sexuality. If you’re going to make life work with this configuration? -You need to can the “best of both world’s speech”.

I rarely let people know my final surgery wasn’t complete: even amongst old friends in the transgender community. Never liked lying - however I also learned very few secrets are kept and I didn’t want or need people being aware of my own unique sexuality.

I’m openly sharing this fact now - with each of you - for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a viable path that worked out well for me and one I think some transsexual women would do better to consider. Second, I now have enough money that I don’t face concerns over economic fallout associated with publicly being known as a non-op transsexual.

We live in a binary society of male and female. There’s no place for a third gender to fit into that equation. Thus, if you’re going to make this work with co-workers, friends and new acquaintances - you need to keep your mouth shut regarding your configuration except with your closest comrades. The first question almost everyone wants to ask of a passable, full-time transsexual woman is whether she’s had her final surgery. Make no mistake: it’s always on the tip of tongues.

You need to respond with a qualified affirmative to steer clear of much of the drama associated with being transgender.


Being openly non-op is often a problem in your career. If other know you’re not complete? It’s a source of drama you don’t need. Also? You’re worst potential nightmare? Having to serve prison time: better stay on the straight and narrow if you fly this route.

Being openly non-op strains can strain some close friendships. Some people aren’t comfortable with this blend. Again, keeping your mouth shut is the best strategy - no matter how open or interested people might first seem.

Also, being openly non-op attracts tends to attract unhealthy partners - a magnet for shemale fantasy seekers. I personally find that emotionally exhausting.

Thus: keep your tissue configuration to yourself unless its necessary!

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