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Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) for Transsexual Women

My Facial Feminization Work

FFS Transsexual
My face went through lots of work and changes. The most grueling? Three-hundred hours of electrolysis. That was an absolute nightmare. Sadly, I first wasted a bunch of money on laser treatments. If you have a heavy beard? Laser’s not going to do the trick,
As for the rest? In July, 2003 I got:
  1. Neck Lift
  2. Full face lift
  3. Lower Blephaparsy
  4. Adams Apple Shaved
  5. Upper Brow Bone Shaved
  6. Lip Implants
  7. Cheekbone Implants
This was a lot of surgery. Full recovery took several months. It was at least six months post-op that my face didn’t swell a bit after a long days work - maybe even longer.

Dr. Lois Wagstram in Nashville, TN was my surgeon and did a great job. I think most trans women get too hyper on finding the ultimate FFS trans specialist. The key to success? That exercise and diet regimen we discussed earlier + quality skin care techniques.

Permanent make up.
I got my lips colored / tattooed. This was all but essential after lip implants which expanded my natural lip line. Thus, without it? If my lip liner and lipstick got smeared? My lips looked much smaller. I also got permanent eye liner - which is nice when I’m wearing no make up.

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Keys to Success with Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) for Transsexual Women
Almost every new trans-woman dreams of the day she’ll get some facial feminization surgeries. I was no exception to that rule. Two of my best transsexual girlfriends got none - and they’re both stunning: it’s not always essential. However, to some? It’s a game changer!
Over time I’ve come to believe there’s basically three types of doctors available to trans-women:
  1. Those that create a classic trans-look
  2. Those that are skilled plastic surgeons and do an adequate job regardless
  3. Those that stink and get bad reviews

You have to decide what “look” you’re after and if your platform will achieve that goal.

Also, keep in mind: every doctor has a bad day. The more complex your task? The more likely it is you could end up as a negative statistic. What will you do if your results are nothing like hoped?

FFS is not a be-all for looking lovely and becoming a woman. It works in concert with a long list of improvements. I would suggest you keep the following in mind:

FFS Tip #1: Lose the Cinderella Fantasy

Just about every transsexual female harbors a little fantasy as she begins transition. Some, she'll find a way to take time off to get most of her feminization surgeries complete…she’ll come back in a few months - and blow everybody away with how beautiful & feminine she now appears. Sound familiar?

Don't feel bad if you carried this little fantasy: I once did, as well.


It's not going to happen like that. Even under nearly ideal circumstances? Post-surgical swelling takes almost a year before it no longer occurs when you're fatigued. There can be - and probably will be - all sorts of minor issues that didn't come out as hoped. You can address these issues as more time & money allows. Or? Just let it go: learn to live with imperfections!

FFS Tip #2: Exercise, Diet and Skin Care are the most Effective FFS Procedures

Did you ever watch an episodes of Extreme Makeover? Some of their transformations were very impressive. However, if you watched closely there was one thing worth noting: intensive exercise & diet played the biggest role in most people’s monumental change.
Same holds true for transsexual women. NO amount of surgery will compare to getting slim and fit. Add FFS - when needed - to such a healthy platform? Then - you can sometimes see that previous fantasy become reality.

Skin care is equally important. I was completely ignorant in this regard when I started my transition. It’s a game-changing habit.

FFS Tip #3: Know When to Stop

What’s the hardest part of FFS? Knowing when to stop. Make no mistake: you’ll always want to do a “couple” of other things after you complete some FFS. You see the improvements but you also see what’s still not “just right”.

However, there comes a
when you need to just embrace: "Okay - this is me". They'll always be another potential procedure to enhance your presentation but you might eventually reach a point where by trying to become prettier as a girl, you're becoming uglier as a human being.

Assuming I can afford it? I'll probably always get a new nip and tuck every ten years. Also, I’ll continue to take advantage of facial fillers to maintain smooth & feminine contouring of my skin. I hope I'm able to preserve an appealing body through diet & exercise.

However, the fundamentals? My ridiculous larger chin?

I now embrace they're mine - just another part of what makes me unique. Perfection? It’s found in being you.

Take a break from surgeries -
focus on rebuilding your life!