Transition Guide for TS Females

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How Long Does it Take to Successfully Transition Your Gender?

The first question almost every new-to-transition gal has on her mind is how long this whole process is going to take?


It takes much longer than we wish.

How Long to Transition?

One reason it takes so long is that transition tends to be very expensive and most girls see a reduction in their income after proclaiming their plans to change genders. Others, sadly, lose all sources of income after this happens.

If you're short on cash, don’t lose hope.

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How Long Does it Take to Successfully Transition?
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Some of the least successful transition I witnessed were by very solid financial persona’s who felt they could “buy” a successful transition. You can’t. There are no shortcuts in this regard.

A successful gender transition is defined by the quality of your post-transition life. Importantly, this includes your confidence as a woman, the number and quality of close friends & family-like associations, plus your career and hopefully…your ”love life”.

Alas, you can’t make a new “best friend” in a one day - it takes years to develop life-long bonds where both parties embrace a forever connection. Also, our old friends & family need time to adjust to our new gender & persona. Anyone who knows, knows - that process often takes a very long time.

To be past the trans-drama with old friends and family, having developed a classy style and appropriate wardrobe, enjoying success in your career, having developed beauty & presentation you consider appealing, fully confident in your new life in all aspects of your life and perhaps relishing a healthy love life?

Plan on that taking about ten years.