Transition Guide for TS Females

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Transition Guide for Transsexual Women

Ready to go full-time? Already full-time but struggling a bit? These section were written just for you. Here you'll find everything from how to choose the right new female name to tips with surgical enhancements.

Sections include:

MTF Transition Tips Introduction
The Big Decision: Should I Transition?
Tips for Making a Gender Transition Successful
Financial Success for Transsexual Women
Fashion & Style Tips for Transsexual Women
MTF Transgender Surgery Tips Guide
Successful Love and Sex as a Transsexual Woman

Additional chapters in This Section include:

Gender Reassignment Surgery
Orchiectomy for MTF Transsexual Women
FFS Facial Feminization Surgery
MTF Transsexual Surgeries
Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgender Women
Female Hormone Therapy MTF Transsexuals
Breast Development in MTF Transsexuals
MTF Transsexual Breast Enlargement
Breast Augmentation MTF Transsexuals
Lactation and the Transsexual Woman
Injecting Silicone for Transsexual Women
Brazilian Hips and Buttock Enlargement
Average Body Size MTF Transgender
Male and Female Skeleton Transsexuals
Treatment of Young Transsexuals
Puberty in Adolescents MTF Transgender
Treatment of Young MTF Transsexuals
Treatment of Intersex Infants
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
Female Physical Beauty Transgender
Transgender Female Beauty
Exercise, Fitness and Diet for Transsexual Women

I always planned to create a comprehensive guide for new trans-girls exploring a gender transition. Alas, like many plans, this project stayed on the back burner as I struggled with pressing issues in my newly transitioned life.

These tips are what I consider to be most important insights I gained from my own transition experiences and those of the ten other transsexual women I mentored through transition. In others words? Its what I wished I had known before I started.

It doesn’t include details about legally changing your name or social security card - but it does offer advice on choosing the best name.

There are a handful of
awesome sites offering detailed information on all aspects of gender transition.

Following is a list of links I consider to be the VERY best for gals contemplating full-time transition or those looking to improve their lot:

Andrea James / TS Roadmap - Nobody does more to help gals with transition than Andrea. Her site is a working bible for gals trying to navigate transition. The bottom line? If you've got a transition question? Her site has the answer: period. 
Annie Richards / Second Type Almost equally impressive is Annie Richards site aka Second Type - a very detailed guide for transition details f you're planning to transition or searching for questions regarding hormone regimens, etc - there's not a better place to begin your journey than Anne's site: period!
Anne Lawrence - If you're planning to transition or searching for questions regarding hormone regimens, etc - there's not a better place to begin your journey than Dr. Anne Lawrence’s site.
Lynn Conway - Lynn was my personal inspiration to intermingle my life before transition into my new existence. Her site's the most helpful & informative personal page of any transsexual on the planet.