Transition Guide for TS Females

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Surviving a Gender Transition: The Four Most Essential Tips

Here, I’ve tried to boil down what are I think are the most important tips to succeed with your transition.

1. You're Not Going to Win a Pony

A lot of us get caught up in “goal euphoria” as we transition. It’s a lot like those younger “big moment” birthdays: 16, 18, 21, 25…after those? There’s just life…life and more life!

Gender Transition 3

A gender transition is much the same way: it’s very exciting to start HRT, start growing breasts, announce changes to the world, go full-time, get breast implants, get GRS, etc. However, after all that hoopla is done? You’re still suck with you. Same insecurities, identical challenges with your least-favorite uncle, etc.

There’s no big pay-off from transition. You’re not going to win a pony.

The only goal is a happy life.

That’s a state of mind - not a condition.

Chapters in This Section include:

MTF Gender Transition Introduction
Secrets to a More Successful MTF Transition
Non-verbal Female Communication Skills
Five Keys to MTF Transition Success
Ten Most Common MTF Transition Traps
Finding an MTF Transition Mentor
Choosing Your New Name as a TS Woman
The Stealthy Transsexual Woman
Total Stealth for MTF Transsexual
Surviving an MTF Transition
Five Mistakes Transsexual Most Often Make with Transition
Success with a Partial Transition
Transgender Depression and Suicide
Shortcuts to a Successful MTF Transition
Final Steps to MTF Gender Transition

Hope it helps!
2. Financial Stability is Key

Most every gal privately dreams of coming into a large sum of money…getting all her surgeries completed, looking amazing and restarting her new existence as the girl of her dreams. About the only place this vision comes true? Fantasyland.

Keeping a job and staying focused on producing good work is more important to a successful transition than any surgery or new feminine skill: it’s the horse - that carries the rider.

It will require humility at your job and patience with your co-workers as they get accustomed to your new presence. Don’t get frustrated if they’re not supportive at the onset. Your calm will steadily guide them to success.

You need financial stability far more than their approval. In time, one will solve the other.

3. Transition is Very Easy to Start & Very Hard to Finish

Starting the process of transition - even achieving a convincing and impressive female presentation is actually one of the easier aspects of changing genders.

Building a quality life? A life that includes close friends, quality associations with family, a meaningful and lucrative career, personal passions…those are often the most difficult goals to achieve post-transition. However, they are the definition for success.

It’s very easy to start this - but very challenging to attain eventual happiness.

4. A Successful Gender Transition is Marathon: not a Sprint

This journey to a fulfilling life in your new gender takes a very long time to achieve. I’ve witnessed more than one girl achieve a stunning presentation only to crash-and-burn against a less lovely trans-chick because she prioritized creating a hot-look over developing a healthy life. I almost fell into that former category early on, as well - even though I never exactly rated a “hot look”.

This whole process requires years to achieve.

Be patient, be persistent, stay focused…and be happy! It’s a marathon - not a sprint!