Transition Guide for TS Females

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Fashion styles that “don’t” work for transsexual women and alternatives that “do”

If wearing shorter skirts, junior styles, flashy outfits, lots of skin or cleavage and many accessories is your thing? You’re not alone. Almost every new trans-women is drawn to one or all of these styles when she first goes full time.
Short Skirt Looks that Work
Unfortunately, these styles usually aren’t very functional in your new gender. Wearing them draws unwanted attention, gets you read quickly and often makes you an outcast amongst born-women at a time when you desperately need to develop close female associations.

The good news?

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. Here we’ll revisit common fashion faux pas - and provide you alternatives that will work just as well.

Sound like fun?

Lets get to it!

What Doesn’t Work: Too short of a skirt

Leggings vs. short skirt
Lots of transgender women have killer legs - particularly by female standards. However, showing too much of those nice legs at anything other than a tranny bar will get you read in a hurry and make you a fashion outcast amongst born-women. If your over forty-years-old? About the only way you can effectively pull off that look is when its coupled with a very classy longer blazer.

Alternative solutions that Work Just as Well

I already mentioned pairing your short skirt with a fine blazer. Your other options include:

We Love Leggings

Fitted leggings will show off a nice pair of legs almost as well as bare skin but without all the splash. They also help mask excessive muscle-tone: a challenge faced by some transgender women.

Leggings are an essential component of many fashion-conscious trans-women’s wardrobe.

Uneven Hem Dress
Uneven Hem

Another option for killer gams is an uneven hem dress. While you’re actually showing just as much leg in the front, it’s usually covered in the rear and is considered more socially acceptable.
I love uneven hem dresses. They offer a delicious combination of class plus sass!

What Doesn’t Work: Low-Rise Jeans

Unless you had some hip and buttocks augmentation, you’ll probably want to steer clear of low-rise jeans. They tend to quickly illuminate the lack of a female hip bone. Also, if you’re a mature woman - they illuminate a straight-line hip area. That only flies as female for younger girls.

Low Rise Jeans on Transgender Women

I did get hips & buttocks augmentation and I still can’t effectively pull off a classic low rise look unless I add some belts and trim to the equation.

I’ve only seen a handful of augmented and very thin trans-women who can do this look without help.

And BTW? I hate those women! :)

Alternative solutions that Work Just as Well

High Waist Jeans

When it comes to jeans, you’ll do better with lycra-infused high waist jeans. We don’t want that “mom jeans” look of a loose fit pulled up high on the waist & held tightly with a waist belt. Rather, we want a fitted look made popular by NYDJ: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans - coupled with either some hip pads and / or low rise belts or wraps to visually thicken the hip and ass area.

What Doesn’t Work: Wearing Runway Looks in Run-of-the-Mill Life
Nobody enjoys wearing Runway as much as your truly? I love hats and lots of fun trim. Unfortunately, even in large metro areas like Atlanta - such looks are too much for almost any event or locale. If I wear them? It screams tranny!

Suburbs Runway

Alternative solutions
that Work Just as Well
Leave off the hat, animal skin and silk head scarf. Try putting together combinations that combine clever color mixes with black and white or related complimentary tones.

My favorite inspirational source in this regard was often Boston Proper catalogs. Their unique fashion combos were always flashy and clever by any standard - but not over the top. That’s the sweet spot we’re looking for!

What Doesn’t Work: Wearing Tranny Gear

Too Much for Mainstream

I must admit: it was sad day when I finally retired my six-inch heels. I grew up in the crazy clubs that represented transgender life before my transition and when trans-expression was far less acceptable.

To this day, some transgender women struggle not wearing those ultra high heels are crazy outfits. They were perfect then: don’t work now.

Cosplay Fun
Alternative solutions that Work Just as Well

Want to get away with wearing your most insane combinations? Get into Cosplay! It’s the rage for wearing crazy outfits and corsetry in public. It’s literally: DRAG - for straight people. Every major city has various Cosplay events throughout the year. Even smaller municipalities are building a following.

It’s a great way to meet new friends and continue to get good use from your arsenal of hot gear.

What Doesn’t Work: Too much cleavage on display

Just got new breast implants? If your like I was: you’re literally dying to show off that new cleavage. When I first got mine? Almost everything I wore was cut to the bone - or in this case: the breast.

Too Much Skin

This isn’t just a trans-issue. Almost every woman that first gets implants is a little too aggressive in sharing those glands with the world around her. HOwever, those women don’t also face issues with being transsexual.

Alternative solutions that Work Just as Well

Too Much Cleavage

You can share your substantial new cleavage without showing half your breasts. Just bring it down a notch: the effect will be just as strong but you won’t get those nasty stares from wives and girlfriends.

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