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Fashion Tips for Full Time Transsexual Women

Of all the sections you’ll want to closely study in order to improve your success with stealth following transition, this one - is most important. Inappropriate style - be it hair, make-up or fashion - is the most common mistake that gets beginning trans women read fastest.

The biggest problem?

We don’t know - what we don’t know.

That’s a prescription for nightmares in any circumstance. In my situation? I assumed I could pick up any fashion magazine - dupe a favorite style I found appealing - and blend right in.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dressing Like a Tranny

Ever hear one born-woman speak of another with the comment: “She’s dressed like a tranny”? It happens. That assessment is now a metaphor for too much - showing too much leg or cleavage, wearing too much make-up or hair or mixing too many accessories.

Dressing Like a Tranny

No transsexual woman started out “dressed like a tranny” more often - than Renee Reyes. I struggled to tone it down and adorn age and event appropriate outfits. Honestly? I still struggle.

Transsexual women begin with a huge disadvantage when it comes to developing appropriate style. Why’s that? We never had mom governing us with that: “You’re not wearing that out of this house”. Also, we missed years of teen girl pressures - learning through competition what works, what doesn’t.

Thus, we’re forced to start anew and learn all the essential elements to blending into our new female culture on our own.

The Opposite Extreme

Like most issues of extremism, there’s two sides to the same coin. Some gals go the exact opposite direction with almost no make up, inappropriate / unstyled hair plus t-shirts and jeans.

There’s nothing wrong with being totally casual. If your core essence is very earthy - this might work for you. However, it will also get you read quite often.

For one gal I helped?

That undeveloped style was born from a default position of not knowing how to develop her best looks versus a sincere desire to be a feminist dyke.

If the latter is really your thing: by all means go for it! However, if you’re dressing like a dyke or schoolmarm because you don’t how to develop better looks?

Then let's work on that!

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