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Favorite Tricks and Fashion Styles for Transgender Women

If you gander at my favorite fashions photo gallery you might walk away with the impression I have tons of clothes and lots of different looks.

High Waist Cinch Belt1

agree: I have lots of clothes. However, from a fashion variation standpoint? I tend to wear only three different looks - I just constantly repeat those through varied outfits, colors and seasons. All of these core designs were created to mask issues most transsexual women face, including:

  • The lack of a structured female hip bone
  • A naturally lower waist line
  • Less full hips
  • Wider shoulders in comparison to the hip line

These issues are common amongst transsexual women and can be subtlety improved with fashion and accessories.

On the
next page you’ll find photo examples from my own wardrobe along with explanations regarding the core design. You’ll now see my own photos with a trained eye. You might also decide I’m actually kind of boring with my style palette! *Laugh*

Vertical Lines in Fashion

Vertical and Horizontal Lines - Vertical lines narrow our frame and slim our bodies. They can be achieved from actual lines within the print of a fabric or through the vertical line created when a longer blazer is left open - revealing a vertical, rectangular image of the blouse underneath. One of my favorite & quite elegant methods of creating vertical lines that slim my shoulders and body? I buy vintage “bow scarf” blouses from ebay (the typo that have an attached scarf that can be tied in a bow at the neckline). I leave the fabric used to tie the bow hanging loose - which appropriately and delicately creates the lines I’m looking for! I use horizontal lines near the hip area - to create the image of wider width.

Cinch Belts

Cinch Belts - Wide stretch belts are a transsexual woman’s most essential fashion accessory. They provide a host of benefits: they cinch the waist - creating a more narrow waisted look, by positioning them higher than your natural waist (just below the start of the rib cage) - they create the illusion of a much more natural female hip structure. Also, since they often cinch and constrict loose fabric by nature - they often cause a puckering of the fabric beneath their position = which causes your hips and ass to appear larger and more feminine. Definitely, the sort of accessory no TS woman wants to be without!

High Waist Transsexual

Lower Hip Belts & Scarves - One or more matched belts or scarves at the lower hips creates the illusion of more width where nature left us short. When you combine this added width with a snug cinch belt situated higher on the waist? You create a compelling more feminine shape - just through the help of fashion and accessories. There’s a bunch of different design options you can explore - including wrapping a bulky sweater or jacket around your hips. I include lots of ideas in my photos but you’ll discover much more in fashion magazines.

Cinch Belt & Lower Scarf

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