Problems Associated with Transgender Labels

Unfortunately, without any process of "certification" within the trans-community - people often discover a bit of "mislabeling" within our little world. Why does this happen? First, gals are pretty much left to their own devices to describe the type of t-girl they are. Additionally, some are as confused as the layperson on exactly where they "really stand" early on in this process.

Additionally, certain beginner trans-girls will classify themselves as a “transsexual" just to garner attention. It's really not surprising: these are part-time gals still living as men who identify with their trans-girl status from a purely sexual plane. We all know what happens when one mixes sexual desire with anything "male" - it lies! LOL 
Transgender Labels

The harm caused by this action is toward gals who have worked so very hard in getting people to understand that transsexuality is not based upon “sex" - but rather - gender identity. People with an erotic agenda who classify themselves as "TS" - do little to help this cause. If you are one of these people? Please keep this potential damage in mind: it sucks!
Fetish Crossdresser

There exist a variety of psychological tests which "classify" gals by category. However, it's been my experience these evaluations are a "bit dated" - relative to the current explosion of growth within the t-world. I could very easily double the size of the list of definitions regarding trans-gals with more exacting descriptions - and means of therapy - and I'm far from an expert. 

I suspect we'll see much better methods of analysis and counseling for successfully melding a trans-life in the years ahead. 

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