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Women that are attracted to transsexual women

There's a growing number of natural-women finding themselves in relationships with transgendered females. However, women attracted to transsexuals are usually classified differently than their beginner male counterparts. 

Why's that?

Women are more likely to establish a relationship based upon deeper facets of connection versus sheer sexual desire. For beginning & most intermediate male admirers, the primary draw to transsexuals is derived from they're newly discovered transgender sexual orientation: in one form or another. For women and the most advanced male admirer’s? The allure tends to run much deeper. It's rooted in the heart & mentality created by a combination of genders. To be sure: sexual attraction is part of this process. However, it's rarely the root motivation.
Women and Transsexuals

Make sense?

Alas, while the basis for a genetic female's draw to a transgender begins on a deeper rooted level than their male counterparts, inexperience is still...inexperience.


We’ll share tips on how to make such a relationship work.

Chapters Included in This Section Include:

Natural Women Attracted to Transsexuals
Lesbian Women Attracted to Transsexuals
Women Who First Fell in Love with the Man Before Transition
Problems for Women Dating Transsexual
Trans Love Concerns: Will She End Up Wanting a Man?
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