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Transsexual Love Guide

Hiya -
I’m Renee Reyes - a transsexual woman residing in Atlanta, GA.

I've lived full-time as female for almost twenty years and was highly active in the transgender scene for another twenty before that.

During my crazy journey?

I lived almost every “persona” in the trans-community: DRAG Queen, masculine guy, crossdresser, married man, fetish transvestite, guy into transsexuals - even briefly tried life as a “gay guy”. Fortunately, I’m happiest now - as a full-time transsexual woman.

I’ve been called lots of things over the years but you can certainly call me the right person to guide you through the labyrinth of loving known as transgender dating.

I’m also an inventor - with eleven patents to my name - a skilled magician, a self-made millionaire and an avid art collector.

Therein lies your first lesson about transsexual women: our gender identity is a big part of our lives but we’re usually defined by lots of other labels and accomplishments.

The rest?

Read on…

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Meet Your Transsexual Love Guide
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