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How Admirers with Transsexual Sexual Orientation Tend to Evolve


So you're stuck with an attraction to transsexuals, huh? Well then - welcome to our club! *Laugh* If anyone possesses an understanding of all the frustration and trepidation you'll encounter over a need to be a part of the transgender community - it's transgender women. ((hugs)) If you are going to be a “member" of our community? You'll want to make friends - and perhaps much more. *Smile*

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Make friends? I suppose that's a ginger way to put it. Sweetie, I recognize most beginners are pursuing this association due to that pent up sexual strain pressing against your trousers. However, I also know how badly you need to comprehend much more than that desire. 

If you are going to develop any form of relationship with a transsexual - whether for one night or a lifetime - there’s things you need to understand about her - about the relationship - and about yourself.

TS Girlfriends

The transsexual-masculine male relationship is not unlike traditional female / male relationships. Certainly, mother nature built in obvious differences. However, those attributes form a basis for the actual attraction process. Sound strange? Who cares! It's the life we’re stuck living - let's just focus on what we can do about it. ((hugs))

I've discovered that most admirers generally go through about four phases of trans-evolution - regardless if they embrace this as a long term facet of their life. 


Ironically, these phases - are quite parallel - to the evolution of most transgender girls as well. Go figure! *Smile* 

Phase one: Trans-Fascination

Transsexual Attraction

Most guys who develop trans-fascination - do so first via tranny videos and/or pornographic magazines. The Internet, and the inherent privacy it offers - allows easier access to unique pornography in the isolation of ones home. This is causing a lot of people to more fully explore a brave new world of sexual leanings - including transsexuals. 

A guy who is inherently attracted to transgender girls rarely needs coaxing into the process He typically knows - from the first moment he actually sees a graphic image of a chick with a dick. Deep inside his soul, he feels an instantaneous sexual desire for this creature. Remember that moment, honey? *Grin* I'll bet you can also recall how quickly your masculinity cut in and said: "don't - you - fucking - dare!" LOL 


For an admirer to move beyond this stage is often a function of where he lives (geographically speaking - i.e. - trans-girl availability) or his marital status (how closely his wife watches over his external affairs). For most, this will always just remain a fantasy - which they will never really understand - or explore...

Phase two: Trans-Exploration

As an admirer's interest level increases, he might begin sharing hot graphic images of the best of our breed - with others online sites. However, after viewing a complete hard drive of sizzling trans-photos - most every admirer is ready to pursue his fascination beyond the confines of home. He wants to meet a real transsexual!

Herein begins his odyssey - and subsequent root for initial failure with us gals.  To this neophyte admirer, attraction to transsexuals is primarily based in sexual exploration and erotic satisfaction. However, unless he's done a good bit of prefatory research, he doesn't yet understand that the object of his affections does not don such attire for sexual gratification - but rather - for alternative gender expression. 

Shemale Love

Whether she deals with this dysphasia through total gender reassignment, silicone breast enhancements, or just a dress and heels on weekends - her basis for doing so - has a lot less to do with sexual gratification - than it does with expressing her femininity. In fact, I think most transsexuals would agree  - sexual gratification becomes a much more elusive target once transgenderism pervades their life - than it was as a masculine male persona.

Do you see why so many new admirers have trouble off the start? They are basing their attraction from below their belts - and they often erroneously assume "she" is dressing for the same reason. Wrong!!! Her emotion is more closely tied to her heart - and its need to express her. Sound familiar? It should. I told you - this relationship is more like the traditional male / female bond than many think. And you thought I was kidding...LOL


It is this misunderstanding - that causes so many neophytes to do far better with a professional t-girl escort at the start of their big adventures - than by trying to chase an experienced t-girl on a dating basis.

I used to see this type of admirer out every weekend when I was a club girl. They never stood a chance - with anybody!

Some admirers remain stuck in trans-exploration. Why? Because they don't understand women! Transsexuals - as a species - emulate females in almost every facet. Many, are 120% convinced - they are women. Thus, any guy who doesn't possess a fairly in depth appreciation of what makes women tick - will be handicapped in the transsexual community. There are differences. A person can't spend their entire life growing up as a guy - and rid himself of all the outlooks and experiences he has accumulated. However, t-girls are a lot more female than admirers who can't break clear of this category - will ever understand.

Phase three: Trans-Balance

Sooner or later, most admirers that invest some time - start letting the big head do the thinking for the little head - in their tranny quest. And progress - usually follows suit. 

Transsexual Attraction 2

They quit viewing the gals as total sex objects - but rather as people - of which they find appealing. They understand this gal has a strong sex drive. However, like any woman - she's 'gotta believe you know what you're doing and why you are doing it - before she even starts to get turned on.

These fellows often become good friends with their professional escorts - garnering freebies along the way - as a source of pride and as a yardstick that proves they've evolved beyond that of the beginning admirer. They often become comrades with a wide variety of t-girls - and identify the type that really does it for them. 


In the process of forming close bonds, some admirers lose sight of the deeper differences between her & you - particularly if the object of your affection lives full-time as a female and has had forms of body augmentation (i.e. breast enhancement). They start to feel their relationship is special - and become upset or shocked when she does something that indicates otherwise. 

Why the conflict? Because there are still some fairly substantial differences in your lives. Very few admirers will go through the unsettling experience of altering their entire "existence" - including the wrath of loved ones and friends - by denouncing their perceived sexual orientation - to that of t-attraction. However, she usually has been through this challenging process. It is this underlying hypocrisy - that most certainly prohibits most full-time gals from ever totally falling for you. Those that have done it once - rarely desire to risk enduring that pain ever again.


Ironically, the best match for admirers in this phase of evolution - is their parallel cousin on the transsexual side of the equation. Namely, a married trans-gal - or one who is not full time - for the same reasons. Unfortunately, most admirers primarily seek gals that are more feminine than these sisters - and most of these t-girls aren't attracted to masculine men. However, I'm betting the unmet needs of both parties - will cause this segment to grow in numbers during the years ahead. Nature always seems to find a way...

For most admirers, this will never become an integral part of their everyday lives. They'll fit in their adventures as time permits, they'll develop associations with a variety of professional gals around the globe, and they'll have some fun when possible at tranny bars during their travels - or when the wife is out of town. The wealthiest admirers will sometime financially support a lovely girl - to insure exclusive fun. I've actually seen admirers invest in this exclusivity together - in order to control the expense - and keep a gal from moving on to another city.

However, because of their marriage, their job - or simply because they could never deal with the personal shame this relationship can muster - this is where these associations end.

Phase Four: Long Term Trans-Lations

If you are finding yourself considering the possibility of making her a bigger part of your life - you must first evaluate a few key components. 

First, you must determine - is this love - or lust. Personally, I like lust. I find the "sensation" - of being attracted to another person - to be one of life's most delicious experiences. However, I don't confuse this emotion with love. I'm one of those people who has a lot of respect for the phrase - I love you. I've said it to very few people outside of my family. I believe you must hold something that special - upon an alter - and only serve it to those who are deserving of your most focused affections. If ever there was an instance where you need to garner a similar level of respect for the word love - this is it. Saying it - and acting on it - could change your life forever. 

Transgender Love

For most males, only a full blown transsexual seems viable as a long term partner. However, unless your name is Rockefeller - or you intend to make this your daily lifestyle - a transsexual's relationship with you will remain limited. And that's assuming you can even form such a union in the first place. The lack of straight male candidates that are emotionally available - is the primary reason most transsexuals end up going ahead and cutting off their penises - or end up living their lives with the handful of gay men that find them appealing.

The Final Analysis

Desiring, meeting, getting to know, and building a close relationship with a t-girl - can be a very long process. The most limiting factor is often you - and your own depth of understanding regarding your desires. 

As with us gals, finding the right sense of balance with all of this - is the key to happiness.