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What Men Tend to Dislike About Transsexual Women

Transsexual Women are Very Jaded

The biggest complaint I hear from guys who date transsexuals is most are very jaded.

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What Men Tend to Dislike About TS Women

Guess what?

Jaded Transsexual

How do you think they got that way?

Yep - by being played by guys only wanting them for some sort of sexual fantasy. Thus, I’m going to remind you: if your primary draw to a transsexual partner is fantasy based - please just go to an escort - don’t drag a gal’s heart into the equation with no convicted intent of making a budding union real.

You’re hurting her - and ruining it for every guy further down the line.

We Have Lots of Male Experiences - But Our Brains Are Wired Female

When some guys first date a transsexual women thy think they found a pot of gold. Here’s a chick who looks hot and knows and loves details about many predominantly male haunts: sports, cars, etc.


It’s true: watch a football game with me? I’ll probably spot an impending strong safety blitz before you or the color announcer on television. Those many male experiences mean I understand details most women don’t and I comprehend men in uniques ways.


My brain still is and always was female. Thus, like my born woman counterpart? I need to communicate in great detail to feel good about you, us, life - even the football game. If you want a partner who can detach without such intense communication about feelings? You’ll need to start dating masculine gay guys…sorry!

Transsexuals Are Often Fun of Drama

Another common complaint guys have with transsexual girlfriends is “too much drama”.

Depending upon where she’s at in her female life and transition, their can be lots of drama. Make no mistake: changing genders is a devastating process: on life, family, career, finances and old friends. If you removed all those pillars from your own life, I’m betting your existence would be a tad more drama-filled as well.


Transsexuals Often Play You for Money

Another common complaint? Being played - for money. I’m sympathetic to both sides of this equation. Being played sucks - we’ve all felt that emotion somewhere along our life journey.

Transition is brutally expensive and often devastates a gals ability to earn a living. Thus, lots of trans-gals - even those with regular full-time jobs - could use a little help from their boyfriend making ends meet. However, none of this makes lying and screwing someone over acceptable behavior.

I witness this event most commonly when a guy is much older than his transsexual girlfriend and he’s average looking and she’s fairly gorgeous. My response is like that of most women: are you really surprised by her actions? Why don’t you take a hard look in your own mirror and pick on somebody your own age and style if you don’t expect to pay for it?

“What’s the size of your penis?”

More than one guy wrote complained about how many trans-women seemed obsessed with knowing the size of his penis soon after getting to know him.

TS Women

He wanted to know: “What gives” in that department.

For some gals, this is just what they want - just like most guys seeking a transsexual prefer a girl very passable and with breast augmentation. For other girls, it’s a validation issue. A bit shallow - but so is lots of adult behavior.

For 36 year old Tina: a transsexual in Atlanta who was born with a larger endowment - its a self-mage issue: “It fucks with my head when I’m larger than a guy I’m having sex with - I feel less feminine.”