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Repairing A Botched Penis Enlargement

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Repairing a problematic penis enlargement

Already had an enhancement? Having problems? Need repair work?

Botched and problematic body enhancements are a way of life in trans culture. I suspect as penis enlargement becomes equally as commonplace it will face similar challenges given the number of shady procedures.

PMMA Injections Removal

Here I’ll discuss some tips for fixing problems from less than ideal outcomes from penis enlargement techniques.

Stick to The Aftercare Procedures
The most important tip I can offer is to stick to the aftercare regimen provided by your doctor following your procedure. In some instances these routines are crucial to a successful outcome - like continuing to use a stretching device following a suspensory cut ligament. With dermal injectables, your doctor will often have you perform "massage" techniques in the days or weeks that follow your enhancement. Don't fail to do this. Any sort of injectable in the volumes needed and used to enhance a penis are going to be prone to lump together once inside the body. That happened to me during some of my enhancements: could happen to you as well.


Resolving Hardened Nodules from PMMA Injections into the Penis
Both silicone and PMMA injections eventually begin to harden in clumps after years of being injected into the human body. Every tranny who’s done this knows all about it. Silicone is the worst - it nodulates quickest - but PMMA eventually does the same thing.

There are several school of thought on how to best resolve this issue and the best option varies based upon your own exact circumstances.


Having PMMA or Silicone Surgically Removed from a Penis

As trans women, we sometimes get this stuff surgically removed. Alas, that’s an easier option when it’s simply drifted down to our ankles vs removing from a penis. A penis is a vascular organ - any surgery in this regard is tricky, at best. If there is no infection or penile performance impairment from the enhancement? You’re probably better off doing nothing - just living with it.

Prime example?

I was getting super tempted to return to Brazil for another round after I started noticing select indentations are hard spots in my behind. Wish I could say it was my devout patience that saved me but the truth is much less glamorous: I was basically broke at that time and couldn't afford the travel or procedure costs.

Adding More PMMA to “Mask” the Problem

I hesitate to include this suggestion - since it actually solves the problem by creating another problem. However, its been a common approach by TS women for decades. When some transsexual women start dealing with noticeable hardening from a synthetic filler in their booty? They’ll just get additional injections done to “cover it up”. It’s a quick fix - and means you’ll be dealing with perhaps an even worse problem later but some do this. In my case - I waited out the long term effect of fat redistribution following my orchiectomy in 2005. Took another ten years - but I finally started getting enough fat form and cover everything up.

Cortisone Shots to Soften PMMA

Some physicians have been able to soften lumpy PMMA through strategic injections of cortisone shots - particularly if the shots are administered before the nodules become too hard.


There are other recognized injectable solutions from leading doctors in Sao Palo that have good success "melting" the nodulation into a softer and more uniform placement. Unfortunately, these formulas are dependent upon the doctor knowing EXACTLY what was injected into your body. Just because you saw your injector using a box labeled "PMMA" - doesn't necessarily mean you received anywhere near a pure version of that substance. Pure PMMA has become insanely expensive since the early 2000's following a government crackdown on its widespread use in Brasil.

Lumpy Fat Graft Repair

If you got a fat graft from penis enlargement surgery and subsequently faced lumpiness over time from uneven fat implant distribution - you’ve got two options to fix the problem.

One, you can get a new and better enhancement - particularly if you also reabsorbed a decent amount of the fat tissue and lost a good bit of size. The doctor made have to charge a bit more to include the time removing what’s gone wrong but it shouldn’t be a whole lot more.

Your second option is to get Carboxy therapy treatments within the affected area of your penis. I only learned about this when I spoke to the urologist at
Rejuvall - essentially it's a treatment basis that injects CO2 into the penis shaft - that can subsequently reshape deformed tissue. Saw some before and after's - were pretty amazing outcomes.