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Finding True Love with a Transsexual Woman

The scariest part of all of this - is that almost none of what I share about finding a transgender partner addresses issues long known to be most important to any successful long-term love relationship, namely: shared values, complimentary skills & communication, compatible interests plus workable approaches to personal goals, spending, etc.

Transgender Love

An increasing number of men & women with more experience in their attraction to transgender women are quick to emphasize this point.

“It’s like the chat rooms from the earliest days of the web when people would always first inquire with ‘age, & gender?’”, – as if that was all that mattered to a connection.

For that to change?

Both transgender women and their partners will need to evolve - and grow.

Chapters in This Section Include
A Transsexual Woman's Greatest Fears
A Transsexual Marriage
Loving a Transsexual