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I like shemale porn

Does this mean I’m gay?

Do you find yourself preferring erotic imagery of shemales?

Ever wondered: does this mean I’m

Don’t feel bad: lots of straight guys face similar anxiety.


The good news?

You’re not gay. Shemale porn is exclusively a turn-on for straight males, gay men never watch or get aroused by such imagery - it’s not they're thing.

Why do you love it? What does it mean?

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.

Read on...

You’re Not Alone!

First off?


You’re not alone. Erotic imagery of transsexuals is the hottest category in all of adult entertainment. According to a recent article by Seth Rosen of The Examiner: “Nearly 190 million heterosexual men are attracted to transsexual women and actively seek romantic contact with or sexually explicit images of them annually.

shemale trap
According to the latest Internet statistics, interest in ‘transsexual’ topics has risen more than 5,000 percent in the past five years, and interest in ‘transsexual dating’ has surged more than 400 percent. In the past 90 days alone, combined traffic from the top 10 adult sites and top 10 dating sites catering exclusively to trans-loving males has risen 350 percent. While some crossover invariably exists, heterosexual male visitors to these 20 websites now top 188 million annually. And this figure doesn’t include traffic counts from the additional 300+ transsexual sites already in existence.”

Shemale Porn

Okay, I agree: just because 189,999,999 other straight men are watching the same stuff? Doesn’t make you feel totally okay.

What turns you on about shemale porn?

What a straight guy actually see’s - when he watches shemale porn

When a heterosexual male watches shemale porn, what he actually see’s - is a beautiful woman - a lovely face, all the curves, long, beautiful hair - with a penis that’s somehow been “attached”. He doesn’t see a transsexual: a person born male who struggled with gender identity and worked tirelessly to correct nature’s mistake.


It’s this disconnect that’s the primary source of problems if you decide to act on these leanings and pursue a transsexual woman.


Straight men don’t hate penises: they love their own
How could you find a penis sexually appealing? Stop and think about it: don’t you already adore your own? Heterosexual men don’t hate penises. In fact, according to the new book:
A Billion Wicked Thoughts, by neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam - which analyzed more than a billion web searches - straight men are as aroused by penises as homosexuals.

shemale trap

Here’s the deal…

Straight men love a woman’s curves, her soft skin, her hair, her breasts, her melodic voice, and her lips - all uniquely female. They find nothing sexually appealing about a man’s body, chest hair and a deep voice.

But a penis?


That’s a different story. Orgas said heterosexual men searched for penises almost as often as they search for vaginas and out of the top 35,000 most popular adult sites, roughly 1000 were devoted to large penises. Heterosexual men are very interested in looking at penises, especially large penises."


Who knew?

You’re not gay

Okay: relief.

You’re not gay and the world isn’t ending - anytime soon.


You now understand attraction to shemale erotica is a straight guy phenomenon. You realize gay men don’t watch shemale porn and they’re not remotely attracted to transsexual women. You even realize straight guys like penises.

What now?

That depends. If you have a desire to turn your shemale fantasies into reality? You’ll find lots of important insights at this website.

However, there’s nothing wrong with just continuing to enjoy the fantasy: it’s affordable, fun and never has body odor.

Can’t be all bad!

shamale love

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