Transgender 101

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Transgender 101

Everybody needs to "start" some place - and this section is ideal if you're a total neophyte to the world of transgenderism.

One overwhelming challenge for newbies is becoming familiar with lots of strange nomenclature plus learning how to accurately address each type of alternative gender expression. Sadly, and perhaps unfairly lots of transgender people can get a little bit pissy when you mislabel them.

Sections include:

Additional chapters Included in This Section Include:

Transsexual Slangs - Learning the Lingo
Transgender Definition: Who & What We Are
Variations in Transgender Expression: What's the differences?
Transgender vs. Transsexual: What's the Difference?
Problems with Transgender Labels: Everyone is not always what they say
What's All With All These Different Labels?
Men Dressed as Women: Do You Already Know a Trans Person?