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What is the Difference Between Transgender and Gay?

Transgender vs. Gay?

LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender…all about the same, right?

Sort of - but not quite.

So what's the difference?

Transgender Girl

Before we get to that…

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Transgender vs. Gay

First - let's define each key ingredient.

What is Transgender?

“Transgender” is an all-encompassing term to describe all forms of alternative gender expression.

It’s used to broadly describe every form of transgender expression or thoughts.

You could liken it to the term “automobile” - when describing cars. Then, based upon the particulars of each transgender person - you could include the vehicle’s make and model.


As with cars, there’s a wide range of manifestations within the broad MTF (male to Female) group, including: transsexuals, cross dressers, transvestites and fetish genderists - all such people are known as "transgender" - since they are compelled to exhibit a a gender different from the one which they were outwardly born.

This wide variety is one reason society at large struggles with understanding trans-issues: there’s lots of variations.

Most commonly, transgender women are considered distinctive & different based upon:

  • Who describes us
  • How far we intend to go in our transformation
  • Where we are in the transformation process
  • How we identify in our sexual orientation

Gay Defined

Being gay has nothing to do with gender identity - its about sexual orientation. Gay men or women are attracted to those of the same sex.

Thus, in summation:

A person is defined as "gay" - if they are attracted to their same sex.

Transgender people are defined by a varied gender identity - not sexual orientation.

What’s the difference between sexual orientation vs. gender identity?

Sexual orientation is about who you want to go to bed with.

Gender identity is about who you want to go to bed


Transgender people vary widely in their sexual orientation but as a surprise to most neophytes - most transgender women are still attracted to born-women. Gender identity and sexual orientation are completely separate paradigms.

Thus, if a person born male - who transitions to living full-time as female? If they prefer female partners? They are now considered a lesbian.

They're considered a "straight" transsexual woman if they prefer men.

If they like other transgender women? That's called a "trans-lesbian".

Got it?