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My husband watches shemale porn: Is he gay?

Concerned after having discovered your man is watching shemale porn? Don’t feel bad: lots of women face the same circumstance and anxiety.

The good news?


not gay. Shemale porn is exclusively a turn-on for straight males - gay men never watch or get aroused by such imagery - it’s just not their thing.

Why does he watch it? What does it mean?

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.

Read on...

He’s Not Alone!

First off?

Your man is not remotely alone with this turn on. Erotic imagery of transsexuals is the hottest category amongst all forms of on-line adult entertainment. Aside from the brief boon in bondage erotica following the release of
Fifty Shades of Gray no other subject within eroticism comes close.

According to a recent article by Seth Rosen of The Examiner: “Nearly 190 million heterosexual men are attracted to transsexual women and actively seek romantic contact with or sexually explicit images of them annually.

Perhaps even more surprising than the numbers is who is watching it. California and New York were the top two states—accounting for 17.6 and 7.3 percent of transgender porn sales on GameLink last year. That's no big shocker given the liberal platform in those states. Even Illinois coming in at No. 3—with 5.6 percent—might not surprise some. However - what's the fourth largest market for transgender porn at 5%?

Texas - the home of right wing conservatism. That may not surprise some people. Just behind that? Arizona - is at 4.9%.

Clearly something new has been unleashed.


According to the latest Internet statistics, interest in ‘transsexual’ topics has
risen more than 5,000 percent in the past five years, and interest in ‘transsexual dating’ has surged more than 400 percent. In the past 90 days alone, combined traffic from the top 10 adult sites and top 10 dating sites catering exclusively to trans-loving males has risen 350 percent. While some crossover invariably exists, heterosexual male visitors to these 20 websites now top 188 million annually. And this figure doesn’t include traffic counts from the additional 300+ transsexual sites already in existence.”

Shemale Porn

Okay, I agree with you: just because 189,999,999
other straight men are watching this stuff, doesn’t make it right for your man to be doing it.

Alas, what turns him on most about shamble pornography is
not what you think.

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My husband watches shemale porn: Is he gay?

What a straight guy actually see’s - when he watches shemale porn

When a heterosexual male watches shemale porn, what he actually see’s - is a beautiful woman - a lovely face, all the curves, long, beautiful hair - with a penis that’s somehow been “attached”. He doesn’t see a transsexual: a person born male who struggled with gender identity and worked tirelessly to correct nature’s mistake.


Again: he sees
a woman - with "an attached penis". In fact, his related fantasy could very well be you in those same pornographic images with that penis attached.

Weird, huh?

Alas, what’s not bizarre about men’s sexual fantasies?

Straight men don’t hate penises: they love their own

How could he find a penis sexually appealing? Stop and think about it: have you ever known a straight man that didn't absolutely adore his own penis? Heterosexual men don’t hate penises. In fact, according to the new book:
A Billion Wicked Thoughts, by neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam - which analyzed more than a billion web searches - straight men are as aroused by penises as homosexuals.

Here’s the deal…

Straight men love a woman’s curves, her soft skin, her hair, her breasts, her melodic voice, and her lips - all uniquely female. They find nothing sexually appealing about a man’s body, chest hair and a deep voice - those are gay men’s turn-ons.


But a penis?

That’s a different story.

Orgas said: “Heterosexual men searched for penises almost as often as they search for vaginas and out of the top 35,000 most popular adult sites, roughly 1000 were devoted to large penises. Heterosexual men are very interested in looking at penises, especially large penises."

Who knew?

Guess what? There’s another group of women more concerned about Shemale porn than you!

Think shemale porn causes
you issues? No offense, but it has a far more negative impact on real transsexual women. Try and imagine if every guy you met only knew about women from watching pornography. And from that education - he surmised what women felt, wanted and liked.

That - is exactly what transsexual women face when we date men. What they want, need and expect is often derived from fantasies created through shemale erotica. As you might expect, there’s a monumental disconnect between real transsexual women vs. the characters created for pornography.


Wait: Isn’t a shemale actually a transsexual woman?

Sort of - but there’s a big difference. The term “shemale” was invented by the porn industry to help market erotic imagery of pre-operative transsexual women. However, the lifestyles and sexual interests represented in these movies are often polar to a real transsexual’s leanings.

Are the intimate desires of straight women featured in pornographic movies just like your own sexual habits and desires?

Of course not.

Your husband’s not gay


Your man’s not gay and the world isn’t ending - anytime soon.

You now understand attraction to shemale erotica is a straight guy phenomenon. You realize gay men don’t watch shemale porn and they’re not remotely attracted to transsexual women. You even realize straight guys like penises.

What now?

One Last “Secret” Lesson

Straight Guy Secrets

There’s one final secret lesson to share. You may already know this but, if not? You can take it to the bank.

You get this secret insight from a person whose now a woman - but used to be a straight male.

That guy on the left side of my combined photo?
He - was once me!

Thus, I know almost everything a straight guy thinks and desires but I also know what it's like to be the woman with that same guy. Yeah, I know - sounds weird: you should try having lived my path.


The Big Secret: All straight men are sexual perverts

Sorry if this statement comes as a surprise or disappointment. However, every straight guy has some sort of sexual perversion that does it for him. Learning this? It’s what most newly minted transsexual women just finishing transition find most challenging when they start dating men.

All women - transsexual or otherwise - have a hard time letting go of the fantasy - there’s sexy, good guys out there without such twists. Alas, there’s lots of good guys - but all have some sort of sexual kink. If you think a particular guy you know doesn’t have such a bent? You just don’t know him well enough! Remember…I was once in those private locker rooms and shower stalls: I know what straight guys secretly think!

It simply goes with the turf of that much testosterone being crammed into one human body.


Now what?

Now would be an excellent time to better understand and enjoy your man’s sexuality.

Straight men struggle being open regarding secret desires and fantasies. They could be the straightest and most masculine guy on the planet - but if they share a secret fantasy that wasn’t masculine? Women often chastise them. Guys learn this at a very early age: like during second or third grade! Thus, first off? Open your mind: don’t become threatened by a "fantasy".

Based upon my own personal sexual experiences? I noticed that men who enjoy tranny porn often harbor one of three hidden desires, including…

Three Possible Secret Fantasies

The desire to be penetrated - a lot of straight guys desire to be penetrated anally by the woman they adore: it’s an extremely common desire. If you’re not aware? The entrance to the anus has the exact number of nerve endings as the tip of a penis or clitoris. Carefully explored? It can be a source for lots of sexual satisfaction. If he's fantasizing about this activity through TS porn - that means he's dreaming of a female penetrating him: not a man. This is but one reason God created a strap-on toy!

Crossdressing - Lots of men secretly harbor a dream of “dressing as a woman”. That does’t mean they want to become women or leave the house as such, it means they’re turned on by women so much they need to connect even further. Lots of men turned on by transsexuals? They’re excited - because they secretly dream of looking like them.

BDSM - Almost everyone’s now read 50 shades of Gray. The eroticism associated with giving up control is intensely sexual. Some guys aroused by shemale porn harbor a strong fetish for BDSM. Explored safely and sanely? It can be lots of fun!

If your own man’s secret leaning isn’t on this list? It’s something - you would do better if he opens up and shares.

Good Luck!

Hope this information helped you understand some of the realities behind transsexuality. For those of us stuck living with this affliction? A more informed public is our best friend.

Also, hope it helps you and your man find an even closer love connection.