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Crossdresser Wig Selection and Care Tips

New to selecting and buying a wig? This section was crafted just for you! We’ll cover just about everything:

  1. How to select the ideal wig
  2. Where and how to buy hair most affordably
  3. How to care for your wigs

While I crafted this information with transgender women in mind, it will be helpful to any woman needing a wig or filler hair. I’ve helped tons of female friends new to wigs in finding a suitable solution.

Your needs and wants from your first few wig purchases are a lot different from they will be after years of experience with such hair.
Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

Wig Selection and Care
Buying New Wigs
Wig Buying Tips for Crossdressers
Buying a Full Set of Hairpieces
Wig Care and Maintenance Tips

Why’s that?

You don’t yet know what length, color and style will work best with your facial size, shape and skin tone.

Think that isn’t a big deal?

Why do you think there's over 10,000 hair salons in the United States alone?
Women know...if you get the hair right? Everything else usually falls into place. If not? You’ll get a whole new appreciation for why a “bad hair day” is a common metaphor for “stand back, or I’ll kill you”. Great hair can cover almost every other shortcoming. When you combine a lovely head of hair with well-conceived make up? You'll look lovely no matter what issues you face.
It's that powerful.