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And Then...There Were - Many
bet you can't buy just one

You can add a new blouse, change the color of your eye shadow - even lose a few pounds - but nothing will change your appearance like adding a new wig. 


Do me a little favor...

Take note of the blonde photo situated immediately to your left. 

Now - look at the next photograph of my red & black show hair

Guess what?

Those photos were taken only minutes apart. 

Same pose, same make-up, same location...just different hair and accessories. 

This is but one of the many reasons t-girls often own a variety of manes.

It's a rare tranny indeed - that owns just one wig. Most gals own several. Some gals - possess hundreds.

Being Little Miss Organized - I'm situated between these two extremes. I try to keep my stable - at around 30 wigs - each with an intended purpose & usage. 

Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

Wig Selection and Care
Buying New Wigs
Wig Buying Tips for Crossdressers
Buying a Full Set of Hairpieces
Wig Care and Maintenance Tips

section overview

Here I'm going to show you how to:
  • Add additional styles and colors to your stable
  • Manage your hair inventory 

optional stables

We need different hair for a variety of alternative uses. Of course, should you become quite skilled in hair styling - you can use the same hair for all these different uses.

To date - I continue to stink at wig styling. Thus, I choose to keep a number of different wigs on hand - for different purposes.

Generally, most t-girls classify wigs into three major categories based upon their intended use:
  • Pass / Everyday Hair
  • Club / Exotic Versions
  • Formal / "Show" wigs

Within these major groupings are a number of potential subcategories, including:
  • Different Colors
  • Varied Styling
  • Different Quality
  • The Current "Condition" of the Wig (i.e. Is it getting "worn"?)

Most gals eventually settle upon a preferred style and coloring from their hair.  

We call this look - our signature hairstyle. 


I'm a bit of a chameleon. I enjoy testing the impact of different hairstyles on different ensembles. My lifestyle - and routine - are ideally suited to do this. I go clubbing often, I occasionally work as a DRAG performer,  and I function as a woman. I also reside in a city where all these functions are acceptable - to my life - and lifestyle. 

Hopefully, your needs will be a tad less schizophrenic than yours truly. *Laugh* 

Following is a more detailed explanation of common wigs styles you might consider owning:

The Pass Wig - Certain styles, cuts, hair quality, etc. - look extremely realistic. In a perfect world - you'd maintain a couple of these wigs for those special outings to the mall or for a casual dinner with friends - and subsequently restyle them for all your other uses. However, no new girl possesses that skill - unless she's a professional hair stylist by trade. 

Likewise, most beginners are a bit obsessed with the concept of passing. Thus, a wig just for this look - is common.  

Club Wigs - I try not to invest a great deal in the quality of hair for a club wig.

Rather - in this department - I invest in unique styling. 

If you're going to frequent transgender friendly night clubs - there's no reason to need to fool anyone regarding your sexual identity. Thus, I enjoy letting my hair down - with a more fun wig. It's this category that I learned the most about what would look best on me - with higher quality hair.

Please understand what I mean by less quality - versus styling. These wigs don't necessarily look unrealistic. However, they sometimes don't feel as natural to the touch. Likewise, they don't usually last very long in the rough and tumble world of everyday female activities.

However, if you're not beginning full time transition - they'll last plenty long - for your needs.

The Human Hair Wig - If transitioning to full-time femininity is your goal - this look - should be your second highest priority. 

Your first priority? 

Worst things to do in them? Sleep + hats

Buying cheaper wigs - and experimenting with a variety of styles and colors to determine where you want to subsequently invest in those expensive wigs. Once you've found a hair that will work best for you on a daily basis - you've knocked down a big challenge.

Human hair wigs are outstanding in appearance and longevity. They're also are a supreme bitch to style. Likewise, the best ones - aren't cheap! Make sure you know what you want - before making this investment - if ever. ((hugs))

Should you both need and want this look - get ready to drop some serious cash, get ready to be forced to learn all about styling, curling, etc. And - get ready to look very realistic. A high quality human hair wig - that's properly cut - is undetectable...period. You'll want to invest in laced edges - where a most realistic hair line is created. If you're bald headed - this will allow you options like creating a widow's peak in the front hairline. That tends to create a very nice look. If you already possess a decent head of hair - you might opt for custom extensions or fillers - to add depth and length to your existing mane. 

A high quality human hair wig runs about $500.00 complete. Yes, I know you see them much cheaper ones in certain shops - I own several "$50.00 human-hair versions myself. But trust me - the quality versions are that much better. High quality is discovered within the hair itself, the inside construction of the head netting & filaments, and of course - in the amount of hair. If you don't know how to identify the highest quality elements - find a big sister - and ask. Certain wig shops will burn you in this regard. 

You'll want to buy a couple of them - allowing the extra one - time to rest, regain composure - and be professionally reworked as needed. 

If you don't have an expert source for this hair - contact Monty Schuth in Atlanta. Monty creates such pieces for a host of famous personas - and is considered one of the best in the southeastern US in providing such hair. For the highest quality human hair and cut-ins - his pricing is first-rate.

Formally Yours - Own a formal dress? Hoping to get asked to next year's prom? *Smile* 

Then - you might want to get a wig styled just for those special occasions. 

There is something decidedly feminine about big hair. You can forget about wearing it to church or the mall - but it can be your bestest girlfriend - for slimming down a wide face or adding pizzazz to any hot outfit.

Two issues to consider regarding your formal hair. One - you'll want this look - to be stunning. Thus, try to save your formal hair for formal events - or get it styled just before your exciting get together. 

You know- just like women go to a hairdresser before a big night out? Treat your best hair to the same deal.


Second, your formal hair can be doubly used for any DRAG performances you might plan - or to enhance the quality of a photo shoot. Every friend I have that operates a tranny pay site - uses formal hair in all their photos. It adds a lot of zing to any Kodak moment. *Smile*

The Sexual Predator - Wigs aren't well designed to withstand the rough & tumble world often endured in the grown-ups playroom. A wig you've spent your hard earned money getting professionally styled is your
last candidate for intimate pleasures - unless your last name is Rockefeller. Such activity will trash a wig in a flash.

It's a good idea to own an easy to maintain wig you keep aside for sex. 

Of course, considering its use - I know you'll want it to be one where you look good. However, if you ever allow a lover to trash a $50.00 hairdo - you'll gain a whole new meaning about the high cost - of love. 

An idea? Use a more worn version of your pass wig for these intimate moments.

Show Wigs - Most of you don't see my show wigs. I sometimes leave them at the venue where I'm performing - as carrying one is a hassle. However, the main reason - is I don't like screwing them up. 

Show hair tends to be all of the above wigs - and even a little bit extra - just for good measure. They're usually large - and include detailed styling. If you ever decide to do stage shows, you'll want to consider getting the finest and most exotic styles done to compliment your stage persona.

Hat Hair - Ever wear hats? They can add a unique statement to certain looks and outfits, Sadly, hats can also wreck great hairstyling. 

A wig cut & styled to wear with hats are a worthwhile investment if you wear hats very often. The best styles are highly curled at the sides - with less intensive styling on the top. These types are quite inexpensive.

Fetish Wigs - Some t-girls enjoy owning a wig or two that sends them places where only the wild reside. 

A cut and styled dominatrix - or a submissive schoolgirl. You get the idea...

Spiked hair...Blue, orange, pink or green...- it's always fun to own a few wigs that make a statement regarding your style - and attitude.

My only suggestion? Don't invest too much in these looks. Our attitudes change - more often than not. ((hugs))

wig evolution


Jeez! Sounds like a lot of wigs to buy all at once, doesn't it? 

Here's some good news - you can let your wigs "evolve" into a variety of roles in an orderly fashion.


Yep - here's a few ideas on wig "Darwinism". *Laugh*

  • I'd start with a fully styled multi-purpose wig. It's new, it looks perfect. Enjoy it, wear it, and maintain it. Use it for all occasions. According to most experts - the best color for new gals - is a deep red or auburn.

  • Restyle11

  • Recognized makeover artist Jamie Austin - echoes this statement - by using red on most all his models.
  • When that first wig gets a bit worn - graduate to an improved wig for a better look. Don't be afraid to experiment. If you're wrong it's not the end of the world. Women get bad cuts now & then. You will - as well. It's just part of being female. *Smile*
  • Take or send your older wig for club styling. Almost all my pass wigs - become club wigs - once I wear them out - a bit.
  • Club versions can subsequently be restyled for wilder fetish looks with loads of hairspray and locked in styling .
  • Show wigs can toned / cut down - and make a stunning statement with a formal dress or club hair. 
  • End of a life cycle? Sell it on eBay for a few bucks. 


Get the idea?

Notice the photos I included of the same blonde wig. I've owned it for several years. It's now on the final leg of its life with Renee - with the chic-style look - you see on the left.

After this phase - you'll find it on ebay.

Think - and you'll save lots of money...((hugs))

restyling as a tool

Sometimes - restyling is not just about the evolution of wear & function with a wig. You'll end up with certain wigs you adore - but for some strange reason - just don't work on you.

At this point - there are a few options.

First, you can sometimes ship it back to your source of purchase for restyling. However, expect to pay an extra fee for doing so. They might do it for free the first time - but if they're not making money on you in time - they'll simply quit selling to 'ya.


If you use a local stylist you respect - have them take a look at it for ideas - and get their opinion on keeping it.

Second, you can cut your losses - place the wig on ebay - get what you can for it - and forget about it. This is the best option when you realize the wig just isn't worth a damn. *Laugh* I bought my share of those wigs - even wasted money on restyling trying to make a silk purse - out of a sows ear. Don't be afraid to just lick your wounds - and chalk it up to experience. 

Third, you can gift the wig to a friend who you believe it might look better situated on. Sometimes - the problem is color. This challenge - might work well for a friend. They might even trade you a wig of theirs that will work for you.


Finally, you can find a stylist to try an overhaul - and see if you can get what you want. I sometimes buy wigs just for restyling. For instance, in some larger wig shops - you'll notice some pretty cool hair - stuck off to the sides. For some reason - that style never sold - and can be purchased cheap. The scarlet & cream wig you see in these photos was such a wig. It's a large two wig hair piece that I bought for $125.00. The original retail was well over $200.00 - but the coloring and style attracted no buyers.

I took the wig to my favorite stylist - and let him do what he could. The result? The final photo is included. I haven't yet worn it - but it's breathtaking - for that just right occasion.

which wig to wear?


Once you possess a decent stable of manes to choose from, you'll have to decide which one seems right for certain occasions.

Can't make that decision?

Welcome - to female hell. *Laugh*

The environment you're heading plays a big role. While wild hair is my favorite - I don't wear that - to the mall. Likewise, formal and show hair can make driving a car challenging. Seems the auto manufacturers never plan enough head room for a queen. *Grin*

The most important criteria is the simplest - which hair will make you feel best - about you? 

One question I almost always ask myself is if there is even a remote possibility of intimacy as a woman. If this is the case - there is
no way I'm going to wear one of my highly styled wigs.

Sleeping with a wig on - let alone rolling all over the sheets with it attached to your skull - is very hard on a wig. (No pun, intended). Thus, why not carry your sexual predator wig in a plastic bag - just in case - if this is your thing. ((hugs))

time for an upgrade

The investments you make in wigs depend a great  deal on the intended use. If you plan to simply shoot photos for a web site - it can last forever.


The cost of a good wig is not cheap. I hear gals brag often about the killer wig they own they purchased for only $60.00. I own a number of $60 wigs - and they can and do look awesome. However, I accept the fact they won't last very long. 

Perhaps I should state that better...they won't last long and still look good. I can't begin to tell you the number of t-girls I see that don't realize their cheap wig with their favorite style - is simply worn out. 

If they start frizzing - or require tons of hairspray to look right versus lock in a custom styling - it's time to do something. 

I know this - because I did it - as well. 

It took a local entertainer friend to make me the butt end of a very bad joke for me to learn this lesson.

When you need an upgrade - get it! ((hugs))