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Tips for Shooting Great Pictures as a Transgender Woman

Ready to shoot some great pictures? 

I'll bet you are! *Smile*

Ren-01-01 133
Ren-01-01 133
I have confidence they will look awesome. **kiss**

Let's get to it...

Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

Crossdresser Photo Tips
MTF Photo Guide
Crossdressing Photo Hardware
MTF Photography Tips
Editing Your Crossdresser Photos

section overview
Here I'm going to show you how to:
  • what to wear
  • learning to pose
  • how to maximize your strengths in a picture
  • common mistakes with posing

what to wear?

Will this question forever haunt your femme existence? Yep - sure will. *Smile*
Whether it's dinner with friends, a night on the town - or shooting photos...what to wear is always a big question.
For tranny’s? This holds doubly true - compared to our genetic girl counterparts. Why? We must decide upon more than clothes. We're forced to also choose a hair color & style, level of make up...all sorts of choices. What should you do? Depending upon the size of your wardrobe - I'd pull three outfits for shooting.

I'm aware if you're new - you'll be most interested in shooting lingerie pictures. me, girlfriend. 


You'll want other looks, as well. Plus, you can strip down from your more conventional outfits - and create a very erotic set of photos in the process - if you so desire.

Outside of taping your business - you'll find wearing black panties will do an excellent job of creating a highly feminine look when you're down to nuthin. Likewise, if you'd prefer to advertise your unique sexuality - a paler color set of briefs will make your point exceptionally clear.

Know what else? Sometimes - the simplest ensembles create the sexiest photos. Don't be afraid to try a set of pictures in a t-shirt - or dress shirt - you might be surprised how sexy you'll appear - in the basics. *smile*

getting shot

The best pictures usually come from having another person take the photo who is experienced in lighting, camera angles, etc. Unfortunately, this is not a viable option for many of you. 

Don't feel bad. 

I almost never get pictures taken by anyone else. The sheer hassle of arranging a time to shoot runs against my schedule. I usually take pictures after I return home from a night on the town - thus - I have no idea of exactly - when I'll be shooting photos.

The good news? Technology has made it such that anyone can get good pictures made - regardless of circumstances.

self photography

99.99% of my photos are taken with the timer from my digital camera. This - is the case with most t-girls across the USA. 

This is actually a better method than you might first think. If you get a tripod, use a camera with auto-focus, and plan your shots carefully - you'll find the majority of pictures taken in this manner come out beautifully.

One accessory a beginner will find immensely helpful with this process - is a full length mirror situated on the wall opposite your set. This will allow you the opportunity to make a final check - of your positioning - before the camera clicks off your special memory. While I'm now too lazy to check poses - this was a tremendous benefit in my beginning.

If you're like most new girls, you'll only have a couple of shots from your first set of pictures you'll like. Don't fret - this will improve. You'll subsequently begin to discover which colors, poses, backgrounds, etc. - work best for you. I now only end up with a handful of photo's from each session I don't like. Practice - makes perfect! ((hugs))

just say "cheese"


What's the key to success in a photo shoot? 


For example - bend down with your hands on your knees, drop to the floor and stretch out for the camera - look away from the lens - lift your head - look down - look up - face the camera - turn to the side...get the idea? Do this - with each stage of undress. You'll be amazed at what a different statement a photo can make with only the slightest change in clothing and pose. 

Movement is essential for us digital timer models. We never know what will look best - until it's too late to re-shoot. If you think a pose will look extra-good - shoot more than one version of the same shot.

I follow a fairly simple process with each set of photos I take - to achieve maximum use from each set. How? I begin - fully clothed - with a number of fashionable poses and head shots. 

I'll often subsequently shoot more playful poses. You know - raise my skirt a bit...remove a piece of clothing, etc. You don't have to subsequently share this R-rated photo with world. You might subsequently edit it to a lovely Disney level picture. One idea here is to take a few pictures of you actually removing the piece of your ensemble. That - can be extra sexy - even innocent.

Likewise - shoot photos in a variety of different locales - if possible. The biggest reason for this - is variations with lighting. Between lighting & settings - good photos are such a hit & miss proposition. I can't begin to tell you the number of times I shot a hoard of photographs I thought would be my very best - only to have a few I threw in at the end - turn out to be the pick of the litter.

You'll also need to check the position of the camera with each new location and degree of focus. Most digitals include a review feature where you can subsequently examine each picture. Your primary concern during this phase of your shoot is that you're not cutting off your head. *Smile* Hey - it happens. 

I often vary the degree of focus on my camera during shoots. Many cameras have a close up feature that can offer awesome details in a picture - albeit with less details of your complete ensemble. 


To improve the likelihood of getting poses just right early on - I'd suggest you place a mirror on the wall opposite you - behind the camera. If you'll take a moment before you start shooting - and get it just right - you'll be able to get a quick look at each pose before the camera clicks. I found this particularly helpful when I was first learning to strike a decent pose.

Finally, since our faces are usually a bit wider than our female counterparts - we tend to look more feminine from the side - than dead on the camera. You'll likely discover one side of your profile creates better pictures than the other. Remain sensitive to this trait. 

I usually go ahead and download each set / outfit to my CPU as a quick break in the action - and to check if one location or another is proving best. 

After a quick review of those pictures - I'll slap on a touch of lip gloss, touch up my mane, throw on the next outfit - and start saying cheese - all over again.


Sound fun? Good - it's supposed to be....((hugs))

Friendly photos

One thing you'll really enjoy is taking photos with others - while out and about. Pictures - with friends - is a reminder of what all of this - is all about. Namely, being happy.

I suspect some of you've thought about pulling out your camera - to record a more intimate activities. Any desires regarding intimate photos should be a function of the agreement of your partner. The Internet has rightfully caused many people to become far more cautious regarding what's going on when a camera flashes. There are laws against posting pictures of people who've not provided written consent. No reason to end up in court from a Kodak moment. 

I don't allow intimate pictures of me with a lover. However, I'm not above hamming it up for the camera with playful action that another person might perceive as more devious. The photo you see to the left with my good friend Suzie had a bunch of people stirring. *Laugh* In reality - we just hammed a few silly poses before walking out the door for a night on the town. 

A little creativity can be just as hot as the real thing. Just ask anybody who looks at a Victoria's Secret catalog...*Smile*