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Crossdresser Posing Tips in Front of a Camera

Striking the Pose for the Camera

I’m dedicating an entire section to posing? 



Why's that? 

Simple - I've found this - is where many beginners face the greatest trouble with pictures. Even worse, most don't realize the problem - until long after their makeup is removed and their opportunity to re-shoot pictures - is months away - when the wife is once again on vacation. *Laugh*

Don't feel bad - I stunk at posing early on as well - and I still create a variety of laughable poses. The first times my camera clicked I had absolutely no sense of what to do with my hands, how to turn my body - even smile - let alone how any of this would equate - to better photos.

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section overview
Here I'm going to show you how to:

  • Learn to pose like a model
  • Maximize your strengths in a picture
  • Avoid common mistakes with posing
  • Create "sexy' poses

posing for perfection

In a perfect world - you'd simply don that favorite ensemble - snap the pictures - send the results to Vogue for a cover shot consideration - and wait foe the accolades. Alas, we 'gotta hone your skills a bit before we can get you on that cover. 


posing preparations

I'm no expert at photography - far from it. However, I've taken enough bad pictures - to garner a basic idea of what will come out good - for you!

An important prerequisite for taking quality photos is learning how to strike sexy poses. I started off having trouble knowing what to do with my hands and body position. 

Do you ever face that challenge?

To enhance this skill, I saved about ten issues of Victoria's Secret's catalogs. (I'm sure you look at such catalogs now & then....*Grin*) I subsequently cut and pasted about 100 example photo's into a binder i including with all sorts of poses. I reviewed it before taking pictures. I noticed the exact placement of their hands (and fingers), I observed how they turned toward the camera's, how they positioned their lips. Also, notice the position of their arms - relative to their bodies. Most men stand with their arms bowed outward. Women - tend to keep their arms inward - along the lines of their bodies. They pose gracefully - versus powerfully. Get the idea? 

These girls and their photographers are professionals - and know how to get a good shot. Learn from them. Besides - what could be a better homework assignment than looking through women's catalogs? *Smile*

planning your poses

Ok - now you've got a few ideas on how to pose like a girl? 

Are we ready? 

Almost...but first - we want to determine what to show - and what to hide. Unfortunately - we're usually not quite as perfect as those models included in our favorite catalog.


Your next consideration is what are your strengths - and weaknesses. If you have great legs - make them the focal point of the picture. Have a great smile? Then smile your ass off, girlfriend! 

I'm a big believer in focusing strengths - versus worrying over weaknesses. You know the concept....a good offense - is the best defense. ((hugs))

Although I hate to bring them up, there's a host of problems we typically face as t-girls - short of cosmetic surgery and ten years worth of female hormones. First, we're usually pretty flat-chested - and possess hips more narrow than our genetic female counterparts. Sometimes - our belly is wider & larger than our hips (damnit) - our biceps are oversized...need I continue?

Study the picture to the right. My right arm (which is larger and a bit more muscular than my left) is pulled back from the cameras view. My hips are cocked to my right - adding width to my narrow behind. I'm bending down a bit - which takes away from my height. My fingers are spread which adds a more sultry image to the photo.

Think - as you begin shooting photos. However, don't dwell on what's wrong. There's never anything wrong - with just being you. ((hugs))

tricks of the trade


Although I still take more bad photos than good - I'm not above trying to tip the scales in my favor to improve this ratio. Here you'll find a few tricks that might cause some of your pictures to come out - even better...


The first challenge most people face in posing for the camera is what do I do with my hands? The answer: a lot!! The hands play a key role in shaping the contour of your body for the camera. Almost always, your fingers will be open and on display. Don't bunch them into a fist - that's a guy thing.

Likewise, the position of your hand can draw attention to a certain spot in a photograph. Point a finger? People will look where you point. Caress your inner thigh - that's where the viewers eyes tend to look.

As humans - we use our hands to dramatize and explain ourselves in daily conversation. They can serve that same important function in your photographs.

Another option? Put your hand to good use. Namely, give yourself a mini facelift by positioning the fingers at the side of your face and pulling the skin more taught. This is exceptionally useful for close up & profile shots.


The second challenge - what to do with your mouth. That - sounded silly - didn't it? *Laugh*
Again, look at our models in Victoria's Secret Catalog. Almost always, you'll notice their lips are slightly parted in photographs. Their mouths aren't hanging open - rather - they look like they're ready to be kissed. 


When I've taken pictures of other beginners - they're usually rather tight lipped. When I ask them to open their mouths a bit - they usually open them too wide at first. I don't want you making these mistakes. Unfortunately, I won't be there to get you to close it. *Grin* Practice this - while looking at a clothing catalog & a mirror - you'll get it.

Another idea? Gather / pucker up - your lips for a kiss. This offers another look - and has the effect of slimming your face - always a nice option. However, it gets old - if you do this in too many photos - so just try it now & then. Again, don't over do this move -and subsequently look like a six-year-old girl reaching for the first kiss of her life. You needn't pout your entire face and neck - just the lips...Get the idea?

Smiling? Most t-girls hate smiling in photos as it tends to thin their lips and widen an already oversized jaw bone (when compared to women). This is a very individual thing. thing you need to note. As men, we tend to squint our eyes when we smile. Women - leave their eyes open - as they grin. Take special note of this important point - it makes a huge difference in your smile - whether in front of a camera - or thousands of people. ((hugs)) 

hips & ass


If you're one of those t-girls with a nice full behind and narrow waist - I hate you! *Smile* Most of us are forced to contend with a belly wider than our hips - and shoulders wider than that. Still - there's a few ways to create a more feminine look - even with these shortcomings.


First off - suck that tummy in. Make no mistake - women do this all the time. As men - we often get lazy about good posture. I usually try to remember to suck mine in extra tight - right before the camera clicks.

Second - try poking your behind out a bit. Actually - try poking it way out. *Smile* See if you can create a more feminine ass - with poking. You can enhance the look of your poke by situating your hand on your hip just above your rear and turning sideways. This newly created angle - tricks the eyes into seeing a bit more ass - than nature gave us at birth. Works for me...*Grin*

faceless photos


If you're not yet comfy with your skill in make up and the results of your face - I understand. Early on - I felt the exact same way. try turning away from the camera. While an occasional leg only shot is ok - it gets old and removes the most important feature of your picture from the equation. Namely - you.  

the tease

In case you're not aware - I love teasing. I fact - I feel a teasing photo is far sexier than all-the-way nude. Learning to tease in a photograph takes a bit of practice - but it's one investment of your time you'll probably enjoy immensely. *Smile*

The key to teasing photos is to create a picture where the observer breaths deeply and says: God, if that camera had just been a little more to the left. Know the kind of photo I'm talking about? Try lowering your panties right to the edge. If a bit of your genitals or pubic hair ends up showing - you can often remove it with a graphics program. Let your bra strap or dress fall down. Hold your hands over your breasts. Get the idea? I knew you did, girlfriend. ((hugs))


Some gals find playing a bit of their favorite music keeps them in the right mode to strike sexy poses. Certainly, the ideal female lyrics can help you achieve the sort of inner attitude that often equates to good pictures. Whether you shoot to music or use it to get pumped up - you'll find tunes to be a welcome addition to your posing routine.



An important trick not to forget is good ole fashioned primping. For every shoot I'm even half way serious about - I keep a tube of lip gloss nearby, a hair brush, and a compact with pressed powder. It doesn't take much time getting up & down from setting your timer & a few licks of the lips - to trash and otherwise perfect appearance. Half way through a set of pictures - trot over to a mirror and touch up a bit. It never hurts.  

over posing

A common error I made early on - was what I term over posing. In other words - I tried so very hard to look sultry - that I looked like a gal trying to look sultry. *Laugh*

Again, take note of your role models in various catalogs. It takes very little posing to pose. 

Where you place your hands, the position of your fingers, the poutiness of your lips, where your eyes are looking - have far greater impact - than exactly what you do with your body.

Know what I mean? *Smile*


sexy shots

Want to shoot a few sexy photos? We all tend to relish the idea of shooting a hot photo - worthy of Playboy. However, we start with little understanding of how to achieve that look.

Ironically, a picture with your legs wide open - is one of the most challenging to make look hot. Almost every beginner takes these photos - and they often look a bit too much like a guy in that process. 


If you wish to shoot a somewhat risqué styled pose - try using a bit of coyness. 


Try slipping something to cover a bit between your thighs (A pillow, a stuffed animal, a blouse that you just removed, etc.). Also, consider looking away from the camera. This adds a degree of female shyness and vulnerability - that's appealing. 


My personal favorite is to strip as I shoot a series a pictures. Often, I do this out of boredom while I'm shooting. You know - how many times do I want to keep taking the same picture of the same outfit? Try taking a number of pictures as you remove some clothing - even take some where you're looking down to remove a skirt, etc - for a more voyeuristic appearance.

One of the hottest posing options to consider while you strip - is doing so in front of a mirror. 

This - takes a bit of practice regarding where to place the camera to achieve the total look. However, when you get it right - it's rather breathtaking. Something about a voyeuristic image buried in an already voyeuristic pose - is delectable.

These sort of cheese cake maneuvers can add zing to otherwise boring shots.