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Tips for Taking Great Photos as a Crossdresser

let's take photos

Great pictures. 

What new t-girl doesn't dream of having a few of those? I'll be the first to admit - I'm no expert at taking good photos. I know nothing about professional photography. However, I've taken 1,000's of pictures and gotten exceedingly adept at what
not to do.

My goal is to keep you from repeating my mistakes and help you end up with a decent arsenal of photos you'll be proud to call your own. 
Sound like fun?

Good - let's get to it.

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section overview

Here - we're 'gonna talk about...
  • The importance of taking pictures
  • Deciding whether or not to post nude photos

the importance of taking pictures

My grandfather used to always say: "You never know how you look, till you get your picture took". *Smile* I have found this wisdom to be true - sometimes painfully so - when it comes to my t-life. Unfortunately I never took many photos before getting active on-line. This was a capital mistake! Taking photos - is very important to your femme development - for a variety of reasons. 

First - pictures serve as an
accurate reminder - of how far you've come. 

If you've ever exercised with the help of a personal trainer, you already know what I'm about to say. It's crucial to keep a detailed record of your progress - as you take small steps - towards bigger goals. Without these records you won't recall the often
monumental progress made. Bodybuilders measure their loins every day to evaluate improvements. Why? It's so easy to get caught up in seeing what you haven't achieved, versus appreciating what you have. We t-girls can do the exact same thing. Reviewing past pictures will always act as a reminder of the progress you're making. You'll also appreciate looking at your younger body - in the years ahead. 

photography as a tool

Photography's greatest benefit - is found in what it tells
you - about your look. A few close up shots will measure your make up skills - identify where you need to improve - or what you want to repeat in the future.I used to take photos before I went out each night - just to check my look. More than once - it caused me to subsequently change my ensemble for the evening. Believe me - I was glad - of that. Better for my camera to spot mistakes - than some other smart-ass tranny. *Grin* 

Should you post nude photos - or not?

Food for thought... 
You'll be a rare t-girl indeed - if you don't begin your photographic journey with desires for taking a few hot nude photos of yourself. You might envision taking such photos with others. I once felt this way - and so did many people I know. There's nothing wrong with that. Most every gal has a large set of nude photos of herself. The potential problem can occur when you decide to share these intimate portraits on-line.The internet is very unique. It reaches the world - in seconds. Likewise, on-line images - never go away.

Over time - you're femme persona - will begin to develop a life of her own. You need time to determine if pornography - needs to be a part of the persona she projects.If you've ever met me - you know - I'm not exactly shy. *Laugh* Likewise, I'm not ashamed of my body. I feel the human body is a work of art. And I believe a transsexual's body represents the highest form of that art. 

Lots of my good friends pose nude. A few even make a decent living doing so. I thinks that's
perfectly cool. However...I have other friends that now regret allowing early photos - that included nudity - to be posted on the web. 

I'll offer you this challenge. Try shooting photos where you're almost nude - but not quite. Lowering your panties where you almost show - can sizzle. *Smile* You'll be amazed how hot these images can be - and still maintain a degree of modesty.Why not try waiting - if just for awhile? Let the woman - versus the girl - decide for you. Besides, you'll only get prettier - with time...and your hot photos will look that much better. 

Good girl! *Smile* 

Ready to take some great photos?

Ready for some great news? Taking good photo's is a learned skill - that's not - all about beauty.

Trust me, I know. When I first started taking pictures, I did just about everything wrong. It showed! *Laugh*In this section - I'll share every little trick I learned - both through research and accident. Hopefully, the result - will be a few ideas you can use to produce better pictures of your lovely mug.

Let's get to it!