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Tips for Beginning Secret Fetish Crossdressers

Do you Relish crossdressing for that special sensation?

Here's a few tips to make your fun even better

Most guys that crossdress will never leave the house dressed as a girl. In fact, most will never tell
anyone about their turn-on associated with privately wearing women’s clothes.

Early Days Fantasy

It’s my guess that about 30% of all men have some sort of erotic fixation with women’s lingerie & trim. If for no other reason? It acutely reminds them of their female lover.

In other words?

It’s normal.

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Crossdressing Fetish

Imagine if today’s woman was never allowed to don pants or jeans. Think they wouldn’t face a similar desire to express aspect of their persona?

The most important goal for a private, fetish cross dresser is to rid yourself of any personal shame associated with your fun. Let’s face it: everybody has some twist when it comes to turn-on’s: some guys love feet, others relish hanky-spanky…whatever! The point is if you enjoy it and you’re not hurting anyone? Why should you feel bad about finding pleasure?

Shemale Trap

You’re right. You shouldn’t.

Make no mistake - this is the most important lesson I can give you. Your desire to crossdress is not something to be ashamed of - its something to embrace and incorporate into a healthy dynamic in your life. I can still recall all the shame I once harbored every time I dressed and after I "released" - know what I'm talking about? The burning desire, the build up, the fun - the shame. Such a horrid cycle - completely wrong.

Tranny Trap

In time - you'll come to let go of the latter aspect - and just enjoy this amazing part of your life!

Keep your forward progress going “forward”

Fetish Crossdressing

One of the biggest problems for private, fetish cross dressers is they often construct a female fantasy life much further ahead than their actual female self.

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How’s that?

They’ll sometimes post intense fantasy hook-up date desires on Craigslist, etc. or “borrow” photos of another transgender gal for use in dating sites or chat groups.

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My advice?

Steer clear of these bad habits. It ends up putting you into potentially unhealthy situations and makes you feel even more isolated.

Fetish Crossdresser

Do yourself a big favor: schedule a professional transformation makeover and start finding out how pretty you could look - inside and out on your own. You don’t have to go out in public - just explore your possibilities! Most men can’t imagine they could ever look presentable as women when they’re in fantasy mode.

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Don’t feel alone or be anxious. Every lovely trans-girl was once very afraid to express her need. Likewise, many of us leaned towards some pretty edgy fantasies in our dreams.

Transformation is a skill set - it can be learned. Don’t stay isolated…grow!

Fetish Crossdresser

Unique for You

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I created a
separate section regarding tips for fetish cross dressers since the design and imagery of such fashions are often substantially different than a cross dresser would wear out in public with hopes of “passing” as a woman.

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