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Cross dresser Transformation Tips

Transforming from male-to-female as a part-time transgender girl is a source of great joy or intense anguish - depending upon your skill and experience creating a suitable female presentation. Getting it right takes lots of practice. The more often you do this? The better you start looking.

Crossdressing Tips

For some part-time trans-girls? Female time is a rare and precious commodity. In those situations? I’m a big fan of girls getting a professional makeover by a skilled transformation artist if at all possible. It’s so easy to forget how to apply your best techniques if months or years span your last outing and it’s expensive to maintain supplies that best create this effect. If you can’t do that? You just have to make due! ((hugs))

In the following sections we’ll explore ideas to create a more lovely appearance for your female self. I’ll be adding new sections in the months ahead regarding skills with passing, applying make up and creating convincing looking breasts.

Let’s get started!

Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

Crossdressing Transformation Introduction
Crossdressing Exercise Tips
Crossdresser Diet Tips
Crossdresser Make Up Tips
Transgender Arm Size Reduction
Feminization Tips for Crossdressers
Learn to Walk Like a Lady