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How to Walk Like a Woman - Crossdressing Tips

Short of a long beard, few things give away a trans woman more often than "the way they walk". Sadly, I've seen full-time TS women come up way short in this aspect of their presentation - and then marvel over "why" people treat them as male.

Want to pass in public? Its essential you enhance this aspect of your female presentation.

Crossdresser Posture - Female Tips

Our Goals Are Simple:
  1. We want to adjust our male walking "mechanics" into that of female
  2. We don't want to do anything that reads "different" - which means people look closer for why that is: created unwanted attention to other details.

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Learn to Walk Like a Lady

How Crossdressers Change Walking Mechanics from Male to Female

There's a number of simple tricks you can use to walk more feminine.

To develop these skills - I would suggest you practice while wearing heals. Importantly, practice wearing the heals you'll most often be wearing in public - I learned this aspect the hard way after getting overly accustomed to adorning 6" platforms during my years as a kid & crazy club girl - then being completely unprepared for walking in 3" heals after I transitioned.
As you're about to learn - heals are somewhat of a byproduct of why women walk differently than men - they force you to change your cadence.

Additionally, they lower your center of gravity to more congruence with a female and they'll make your booty poke out a bit: all things we want to accomplish in this process.

  1. Finally, you'll be walking in heals when you're out in public. The more miles you log privately - the less likely you are to endure an embarrassing mishap publicly. Every woman's crashed and burned walking in heals: they're just less stable. However, we want to minimize that likelihood.

Secrets to Walking Like a Lady

  • Thigh Lead - Of all the insights I'll give you into walking more womanly? This one's most important. As a guy - when we walk - we tend to lead with our foot - and the heel of our foot is usually the first thing to come into contact with the ground beneath us as we traverse forward. Guess what? That won't work as a woman when wearing heels - our most unstable platform is the heel tap. By leading our stride with our thigh
    Crossdresser - Learning to Walk Like a Lady
  • Take Smaller Strides - Another byproduct of wearing heels? Its safer to take smaller strides. The more balanced our center of gravity? The more stable we remain.
  • Sway Hips Naturally - Another tell-tale sign of a trans person is over dramatization of hip movement. The good news? Two things will solve this problem naturally for you:
  1. Thigh Lead - then "pull". Remember our thigh-lead approach to walking we just discussed? If you'll use that technique - along with a smaller stride - and then use your forward thigh to "pull" your body further forward? Your hips will sway by default - creating a naturally more feminine cadence.
  2. Wearing heels as you walk magnifies this situation by lowering your center of gravity.
  • Glide - Don't Clomp - Another fallout from wearing heals that makes women walk differently from men? It's not safe to lift the foot above the ground significantly when walking: creates danger falls from uncertain landings. Essentially, you should be landing on the toe of our foot: not the heal. This takes a good bit of practice to master after a lifetime of walking male. You don't want to drag your feet - you just want to lower the total rise in your foot lift.

How you walk plays a huge role in presenting as female - but its just half the equation.

What's the other half?

Good Posture: The First "step" to Excellent Feminine Presentation

The reason a lot of beginning crossdressers (even some TS women) don't present well in public is posture. I'll confess: this was my early downfall - both when I started going out n public as a crossdresser and just after I transitioned to full-time.

Why is that?

Crossdress Tips Walking Like a Lady

I think its partly human nature: when we feel shy and afraid? It's somewhat natural t slump our shoulders and eyes downward into more fearful "don't look at me" body language. Unfortunately, few things draw eyes more quickly than a "slumped over" female.

How do we beat this challenge?

Simple - practice! How we do one thing - is how we do everything.

There's nothing that will make you look ten pounds lighter (without dieting) and make all your clothes look more regal and elegant than good posture and a graceful walk. At first - it will take practice: in from of a mirror as you first learn. Then - the muscles will start to memorize these new movements and the brain will follow: it becomes easier. You can pacice while carrying things from room to room - or while cleaning the kitchen. Don't get discouraged if its doesn't happen quickly.

Keys to Good Posture:

  1. Head Erect - chin parallel to the floor.
  2. Shoulders back - then "relaxed" - not rigid
  3. 3. Chest High
  4. Tummy in - never let your waist settle down on your hips - this trick alone will make you look pounds thinner.
  5. Elbows slightly bent - drawn towards the body (not outward like men) and palms turned in towards body.