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Crossdresser Make Up Tips

First learning to apply your “face” is often an overwhelming experience for beginners. A common mistake is assimilating too much information - and thus, becoming overwhelmed when at the start.

crossdress make up

There are three tools I've found which are more than adequate data for the beginning girl. I don't feel you will need one additional scrap of paper if these are in your make up chest.

Our born-women counterparts learn lots by getting a professional makeover. We’re no different: getting a professional - skilled in the nuances of MTF transformation will dramatically improve your skill with your own make up.

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Unfortunately, unless you're a naturally born Picasso - you can't become skilled at make-up from a book. Proper make up application requires so many minor details. There's always a unique hand & wrist movements - you need to see in action - to achieve success. 

crossdressing tips

If you can’t get access to an MTF professional, I suggest you download Grae Phillips information.

Grae Phillips - This highly comprehensive site includes detailed mpeg files showing you how to accomplish many important transformation tasks. Grae offers a wide range of DVD's for just about everything you'll need to transform into the woman of your dreams. You can download most information direct from her site or request your info via mail.

Other Options

There are tons of free YouTube videos providing tips on DRAG makeup and MTF transformations. However, there’s plenty non-trans related that are even better. I particularly enjoyed Cassandra Bankson’s foundation set. Her bravery revealing her face without mask was something every transgender person can empathize.

If you’re going to just follow traditional female makeup tips, there’s a few things relative to a MTF transformation you will probably want to keep in mind:

  • Shave your face very closely before you start following by a healthy dose of moisturizer: I often use: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer,
  • Remove any excess moisturizer with a towel
  • Draw a series of vertical “lines” from your Adam’s Apple to the start of your jaw line with a stick of bright red lipstick. Also, draw another red lipstick line across your upper lip and any other places your underlying beard is dark.
  • Massage the red lipstick into the skin with the help of the already applied moisturizer. Keep it focused upon the areas you have dark, underlying beard growth.
  • Use a heavy foundation cover over the neck area. I use MAC NW-35 – but you can also use Max Factor Pan Stick: it’s cheaper.
  • Apply your liquid foundation as indicated in YouTube videos. However, use a wedge sponge to “press” the makeup into the pores after spreading with your fingers. As long as you don’t share it with others, you can reuse this same sponge with future makeup applications. That testosterone platform tends to cause more ruddy skin: need to smooth it out.
  • Also, when applying loose powder after foundation? Same rules apply: press it in with a powder puff versus using a powder brush. What you're doing is both coloring the skin and “leveling” any male ruddiness. Our female counterparts rarely face this same issue, hence: they can get away with just a brush.
  • The use of facial spray after this step is crucial – like Evian facial spray Brumisateur / natural mineral water.
  • Otherwise, your face will look pasty: the liquid causes everything to kind of “melt” together. I preferred two coats on most girls I transformed: letting the first dry naturally – then again. It’s a good time to organize your outfit details as it dries.
  • Once that’s all dry? You can start drawing lines and painting features per guidelines from YouTube makeup experts.

The only other essential “MTF” trick to perhaps do differently?

Most trans girls use a white eyeliner pencil at the inner corner areas of their eyes to mimic the fact a born-girl’s eyes are naturally spaced further apart than men. I personally prefer the Lancôme white eye pencils.

A few other good ideas?

We all often dreamed of applying lipstick while driving a car and using the rear view mirror for reflection. However, the difference in results from using a lipstick brush to apply your lip color is noticeable and worth the extra effort.
Open your mouth and keep it open when applying eye liner and mascara - it causes you not to blink and better retain to a steady line.

crossdressing make up

Keep adding mascara to the outer edge eye lashes – it’s where you want and need the extra volume.
Don’t use false eyelashes until you learn to apply them from a professional make up artist
Eyes shadow is not eye color. You have to lear to apply it in shades with shadowing techniques to create the bedroom eyes you always dreamed of achieving. It takes lots of practice.
Everything with make up goes: up, up, up! All lines gravitate to lift the face higher - creating a more vibrant and youthful appearance.
I use Merle Norman’s Luxivia Flawless Effect powder for touch ups once out and about: awesome product. I use ultra sand coloring – but you’ll need to match your underlying color.

Good luck, GF! :)