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Wardrobe Essentials for Crossdressers

Aside from all those dream outfits you are dying to purchase, there's a few additional items you might want to consider including in your shopping list. These are what I call accessories - to accessories. Sound strange? Well, consider the source. *Laugh*

I'll give you this example - panties. Ahem. Most all budding t-girls love their panties. However, ever noticed how many different styles of panties you see out there? Make no mistake - each cut has a purpose.

Here - we're 'gonna discuss various options on everything from shoes to armbands - and hopefully spur some creative thought in that pretty little head of yours. Make sense? 

Good - let's talk about it. ((hugs))

section overview


Here I'm going to show you how to:
  • Hide Larger Arms & Biceps
  • Buy & wear the perfect panties
  • Buy a bra that meets your needs
  • Find shoes that work

arm adjustments

Many t-girls are sensitive about the size of their arms relative to the balance of the rest of their torso. Don't feel lonely - I am as well. ((hugs)) Here's a few ideas you might consider in addressing this large issue...



If you have slightly larger biceps than you'd like, consider purchasing metal arm bands to support the illusion of a more trim upper arm. I've bought them at the Body Shop - a national chain for young girls, and at Icing - and similar Mall accessory' sops.

I'm always on the look out for different styles and coloring, because finding ones large enough for our biceps - can be a bit challenging. I'd suggest you keep your eyes peeled as well - and acquire them when you can.

One additional note on armbands - the thicker the band - the less feminine it will appear.


However...the thicker bands make your arms appear smaller. Sadly, every advantage seems to include an equal trade off. *Sigh* - welcome to "womanhood, GF. 
Also, don't wear it too tightly on your bicep - it it will cause your arm to look more masculine. Rather, bend and mold the bands to the contour of your arm. If your arms are larger - you can wear more than one band per bicep - to add a further slimming effect. Experiment - it really helps.

If your arms are quite large - I'd suggest you pass on this option. You'll only draw attention to the problem. 



Another way to feminize those biceps is a shrug. They're an accessory item with certain garments and were very popular in the late 90's. 

They are quite useful in concealing hairy arms or muscular biceps. Their current popularity also means prices are now quite cheap for shrugs. Let them go out of style and watch prices double - as selection dwindles (the voice of experience you're hearing). 

 I'd suggest you stock up on a variety of these useful items soon. They cover your shoulders and arms, while leaving the rest of you on display - a delicious combo! They are an essential feminine device for gals who can shave their chest - but can't trim the hair under their arms.

Bolero Jackets


Without a doubt - the most stylish and easiest means of covering those male arms is bolero jackets. 
I love them.

You'll discover boleros in all shapes, styles and colors. You can use them to cover a dress, wear with a bra, under a blouse - name it. 


I find Cache carries some of the most stunning jackets on the market. While their often exorbitant retail prices are enough to make me sick - you can land some nice ones with a simple "search" of Cache jacket or suit on

Often times, a lovely styled bolero jacket will be too small for your arms - as was the case with the gold & black version you see in the photo. Since I bought this jacket from a thrift - I didn't feel bad about slitting the arms - to create a workable fit - and unique look.


Another feature I often seek is high necked designs. Unfortunately, women don't have an Adam's Apple - a tell tale feature of us t-girls. I enjoy the look offered by tops that cover this male trait. They also have the effect of making the girth of your neck seem smaller - which in turn makes your jaw appear less wide. They should be a standard purchase of any t-girl who gets out & about more than once. 

panties, lingerie & other fun stuff

One item I am very particular about - is my panties. As you might already know, undergarments are one item you can't buy and return due to health codes. Thus, you better like those panties before you walk out of the store with them.


Make your very first panty purchases amongst the cheapest stuff at Wal-Mart. 

Disregard desires you first must learn your size - and the cuts and styles that fit you best. 

This is trickier than it sounds as they are cut opposite to our needs. Women's panties are designed to hold that extra behind - we usually don't have - and they rarely include the extra fabric we need up front. 

This is another area were women's shopping habits can save you some money. If you'll notice the sale area of many department stores lingerie, you will find lovely panties which have been broken from sets. 


Women with size problems are basically our inverted cousins. They are small on top - and wide at the bottom. We are typically narrow in the behind - but our wider rib cages make us wider up top. Thus, you will often find discounted prices on close outs amongst panty/bra plus bathing suit sets that are just our size. *Smile* 


Because I like to show off my tan lines, I prefer string bikini panties. Problem is, most of them barely keep a woman covered down below - let alone hide our extra equipment. I have found Victoria's Secret carries the most filling string bikini panty on the market. Others that cover as well, are too bulky in my behind - which takes away from the look I'm after. 

I buy my panties a size smaller than my other stuff - because I don't have a large ass (in fact, I basically don't have any ass - *Laugh*) and want them to fit snugly. 


One thing you have to get used to with panties, is pulling them up much higher  than you do your jockey shorts - particularly in the rear. This will seem awkward initially but trust me - it's the look you want. Women's  hips start above ours structurally - and you will look much more feminine if you wear your panties n their proper position. I'd suggest you buy one pair, find your right size and fit - and wait 'till the panty and bra sale to stock up. Victoria's Secret has these sales quite often - usually once every three months.



There are a ton of options - and potential needs with a bra.

If you can't shave your chest - or are wanting to wear breast forms - you'll want to purchase C & D cup bras - with under wire support. The flimsy area covering the breast - will create a more life-like jiggle - as you sway along your way. *Smile*

If you want to create some natural cleavage with tape - you'll likely want to purchase bras a bit smaller than your natural chest width - and use the push methods commonly utilized by DRAG performers.

To add body to my AAA battery sized cups, I insert additional lift supporters into each cup holder. You can get these fairly cheaply from any
Fredericks of Hollywood and in varying colors to match your bra. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than artificial breasts.  

If you're wearing that bra for an extended period - you'll want a perfect fit. Since few women of smaller breasts have a size 40 chest - you'll find it a bit challenging to locate bras you like - that comfortably fit. A comfortable bra should be 2 inches wider than the width of your chest at nipple level. Thus, if your chest measures a 38 - you'll want a 40 bra - for a comfortable long term fit.

Can't find an affordable size 40B bra in a style you find appealing?

Don't worry.

You can purchase bra extenders at your local fabric store for under a dollar. These extensions can turn a size 34b - into a 40b - with the mere clip of the rest. *Smile* 


One note - the color selection on extenders is limited to black & white. More specialized colors are difficult to find. Keep that in mind for a bra you might need to "extend". If the bra you're extending will be  worn bare - it might look plenty silly if you clash. 


If you have a broad chest, you can acquire bra extenders, which have hooks on either size to expand the total circumference of a bra where it hooks together in the rear. These accessories will keep you from having to select only from bra styles your granny would wear. Red Rose, Frederick s, and others carry these extenders.


Finally, I purchase the lions share of my bras at Big Lots. They sell close out - and first rate bras & panties - at great prices. Odd sizes tend to be what they get stuck with dumping on the market. 

Guess what?

We're usually in the odd-size category. *Smile*


If you are one of those lucky girls who has little feet - and can find women's shoes almost anywhere - well, I hate you!! *Smile* I've got typical male feet - and few traditional ladies shoe stores carry my size in anything sexy enough to wear outside of a retirement community. 

If you wear anything larger than a size 10 in women's shoes - get ready for a pretty tough time in finding hoofs you desire in most retail stores. Some of the large shoe discount mall-type outlets will carry a few hot styles up to size 11 - but beyond that - their selection usually look like house slippers. Yuk!! 

I've discovered most PayLess stores carry large sizes and are a good source for flats that don't look too cheezy. I'd suggest you start there and confirm your size, before ordering on-line. Returning items through the mail is such a pain.

What's your size in female shoes? Basically, you just
add two sizes to your male size - and that's your size in women's shoes. However, watch out for one important difference you may face. Women's feet tend to be more narrow than our own - thus you will often have to go up one additional size to get the right fit. This is not always the case - but it happens more often than you'll like. 


In general - even the widest versions of women's shoes can still feel tight on our feet - damnit!  

The good news? 

Lots of shoes can be stretched a bit with consistent pressure from a wooden shoe form. You'll need to leave them in the shoe for almost a week - and subsequently tighten the form as it gets loose - but a half-size expansion is not unrealistic.

Also, take the time to study the styles and names for each type - to enhance your future shopping skills. You can end up feeling like a total ass - if you don't know what a mule looks like. *Grin*


always go up an extra size for pumps (closed in toe shoes) - because I have wide feet. I'd suggest you start with open toe or sandal-styled shoes, to give you some margin for error till you get more comfortable with sizing. If you are just planning on wearing your shoes for pictures and around the house - no shoe looks hotter than these sweeties.

Additionally, I have large calves and am a bit conscious of them as a woman. They look good with  some items - but detract from others. One thing you can do to alter the appearance of muscular calves, is to buy heels that include straps you tie up your leg to the knee. Regardless of color, they will make any set of calves look more slim.

 If you end up going out at some point, I'd suggest always wearing open toed high heels for the comfort factor. As I mentioned before, our feet are generally wider than the typical female. Wearing pumps, that were designed for women's smaller toes for any period of time - will have you wincing with pain in a hurry.  One night on a dance floor in 6" pumps - and you'll lose all feeling in any area south of your ankle.

I wear them for certain looks in photo's - but beyond that - they collect dust on my shelves. I know a lot of girls who endure this pain with pride. I think open toe shoes look just as hot. Also, they show off your painted toes - which always looks fem.

Thigh high boots can be a lot of fun! However, you have to be really careful in terms of style and sizes, if you actually plan to wear them out at some point. First, stay away from the pointed toe versions. It is simply too much weight in the toe area for extended use.

Second, buy them a little large - and wear socks at your foot area. Even with a rounded toe, these rascals will quickly wear a blister on your foot, without some extra padding for protection. If at all possible, buy these in person where you can try them on first. They are much more difficult to find the right fit than regular shoes.

Once you're comfortable with knowing your size, you'll find some great heels on the Net. Included are a pair of links to places I buy a lot of my heels on line. In the Atlanta, GA section of my home page, you'll find the local shops where I purchase the balance of my strutting gear.

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