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Tips for Trying on Women’s Clothes in Stores as a Crosdresser

After shopping for a period of time, you'll become more comfortable with buying your femme items. Once you buy enough garments - you eventually reach a point where you'll want to try them on - in the store. Private, fetish type shops are a no-brainer - they are orientated towards our alternative lifestyle. However, traditional retailers, rarely are.

Crossdresser Shopping Tips
Department stores, are by definition - broken up into departments. Thus, they offer the least friendly environment for t-girls to try on clothing before purchase. Most major retail chains now include training on working with us - to all their employees. However, that doesn't mean your particular salesperson will be adept or compassionate to your needs. 

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Unisex, discount retailers like Marshall's, Ross & TJ Max are your best bet. If you are still a bit shy, you can take some male clothes to the dressing room with you. The only person you'll have to face in this process, is the lowly guardian of dressing room thieves - who inventories the number of garments you try on. If you stop and put it in perspective, this person is insignificant in the scheme of things - don't let them affect you!

Crossdress Tips

When I first started shopping for my female wardrobe in traditional retail establishments, I was still a bit shy. One thing I did to get past this coyness - was mentally pretend I was a gay guy shopping for a dress - not an uncommon sight in Atlanta, GA. It might sound silly, but it helped me. Most of the time, your fear in feminine shopping is actually your male ego dreading getting bruised. By sort of tossing aside my male ego - in favor of a more fem style - I seemed to feel less concerned what others thought. *Smile* 

Crossdress Shopping Info

Another trick you might consider is keeping decent photographs of your femme self available on your phone. Most people assume any guy who dresses as a girl will look horrid. When someone has jokingly asked if the make up or blouse I'm purchasing is for me - I've shared my photo with them. Most anyone who would ask such a question usually has a good sense of humor. And anyone with a good sense of humor - is usually more open minded than others. I met some neat people this way. Just be careful not to push those images on those with only slight interest. Some people? They get easily offended.

In time, you'll let go of the fears you face in this regard. Most of my concerns were derived from my over-sized male ego - trying not to get bruised in this process. Getting that trait in check - is a gift from transgenderism you'll always appreciate.