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Shopping for Women’s Clothes On-Line as a Crossdresser

Like everyone else I make lots of my purchases now from the internet - mostly off eBay.

What's MOST important for success with on-line shopping? Carefully measure your body before hand

Trans Related Issues that Affect On-Line Shopping Success
Shoulder Size
Hands Size

Following is what I consider to be my favorite eBay vendors for various general items you might need.

Patty Boutique - Affordable Cute Blouses
BarbieCutie: Affordable Cinch Belts
Ever Pretty - lovely & affordable formal gowns
High waist jeans - like NYDJ but lower priced & cuter styles - albeit not in XL sizes.


As an avid art collector, I was an early eBayer. It continues to be a great source for select purchases - in any category of interest.

Care should be shown in purchasing gear where size could be an issue. Shoes are usually one of the trickiest purchases for a t-girl to purchase in the best environments. I'd show restraint investing in shoes from a source like eBay where you can neither try them on - or return them.

Likewise, stick to clothing that includes a stretch fabric. Many eBay sellers will include exact measurements for the garment they sell. 

However, unless you get lucky - their will be a size issue. Remember - we are typically thicker - and designers cut these clothes for women. 

If you add up the items you'll never wear because of bad fit - it's still often cheaper to purchase items locally at sale price where you can return them.

Remember the idea we discussed about learning the high end garments? That knowledge can pay off handsomely on eBay.


A bit of studying in department stores will teach you a lot about which designers tend to leave extra room that fits your body well. 

I consider eBay my best source for unique items I have trouble finding (costume jewelry, custom belts) and items that fit easily and brands I already know "very" well.  

Stick to items with a stretch waist or bodice - and you'll have much better luck! *Smile*

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