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Transgender Shopping and Fashion Guide

In the following sections we’ll explore ways to make your transgender shopping experiences more successful.

Clothes - don’t make the woman. However... they do make up about 90% of what people see of her.  Well... perhaps only 30%... if you wear skimpy outfits - like I always did. *Grin* Nothing will get you in touch with your feminine persona faster - than donning women's clothing and styles. 

Trouble is, we start off knowing so little about female garb. This lack of knowledge invites errors. Don't worry about it. I had an old football coach once tell me - "Asking a freshman not to make mistakes - is like asking a skunk not to stink." No matter how much advice you garner, you're going to make a mistakes with certain clothing and accessory purchases. 

Remember - having an extra closet - full of stuff you've never worn? That’s your official indoctrination into womanhood. *Smile* 

Here we’ll cover lots of information to make your journey better and more fun, including:
  • How to get past the nervousness of buying girl’s stuff
  • How does a cross dresser determine her size in ladies clothes
  • Tips for trying on Women’s clothes in stores
  • Crossdresser shopping tips
  • One-line shopping tips for cross dressers
  • Wardrobe essentials for cross dressers
  • A cross dressers fashion guide
  • Accessories for cross dressers

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