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How to Get Past the Fear of Buying Women’s Clothing as a Man

Some cross dressers are not remotely shy shopping for their female wardrobe. They don’t hesitate to let the clerk know the clothes are for them.

Most retailers in today’s more enlightened understanding of transgender issues train their associates to be sensitive to cross dressers and transgender women. However, you’ll still occasionally encounter retail clerks whose personal convictions run polar.

Crossdresser Shopping

I was never one of those very confident cross dressers since I was scared and nervous when I first started shopping for my female garb. In fact, I often felt everyone was wondering why I was intently browsing women's apparel. This was my imagination of course - but it felt real to me. If you're a bit shy - or new to the femme game - you might experience similar trepidation.

I developed a "crutch" that helped me get past this initial fear. I'd carry a list in my hand and appear slightly frustrated - like a man on a mission for his wife which he really didn't want to be on in the first place. If you are nervous about shopping for women's clothes? Make your list, carry it with you, appear slightly agitated, keep staring at the list as you're browsing for her sizes - and you'll fit right in!
Crossdress Shopping Tips
A lot of gals always have a tough time with this. Don't feel lonely. Up until the time I transitioned, I still had moments where I walked away from potential purchases because my psyche wasn’t up for what I perceived as a potential hassle. This is always wrong - it was just my feeble male ego running for cover. 

Retail stores and their associates don't necessarily want to understand why a man is buying a skirt - but they need our commerce. When you  make a new purchase for her? You are doing exactly what the store intended for you to do. 

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